Visitors Golf

Visitors are welcomed to come and play the course for a green-fee and stay after their round to enjoy the bar and restaurant facilities. Click the link below to book your tee time. Visitors can book up to 3 days in advance. Weekend tee times: Saturday from 3 pm onwards and Sunday from 12 pm. onwards.


Please check the course status prior to booking if you are reliant on using a buggy or trolley.

Green Fees

Weekday – 1 & 2-Ball £40 3-Ball -£35 ea. 4-Ball - £30 ea. 

Weekends – 1 & 2-Ball £50, 3-Ball £45 ea., 4-Ball £40 ea.

The changing rooms are also available for visitors to use.

Bush Hill Park Golf Club's guidance must be strictly adhered to at all times.

To read England Golf 'Play Safe, Stay Safe' guidance click here.


Course Guide

Course Guide



Hole by Hole Guide

  • Hole 1

    Our Professional recommends a mid iron to this well protected green.
    The ridge running across the hole is the well preserved remains of an Iron Age fort; fail to make it over and you may ask yourself if a roughly-hewn 2,000 year old axe may have been a wiser club selection.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 180 3 9
     Yellow 166 3 9
     Red 133  3 17 
  • Hole 2

    A good drive between the fairway bunkers leaves a straightforward shot to a green designed by Bush Hill's long time and much respected professional George Low. This is our Oldest Member's favourite green with its subtle contours and interesting pin positions but, like PG Wodehouse, it must be read carefully or you will fail to see the funny side.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 390 4 5
     Yellow 380 4 5
     Red 366 4 4
  • Hole 3

    Left is best off the tee. Those with good eyesight will notice a lone tree in the distance which is the ideal line. The cross bunker guarding the front of the green hides plenty of room behind it.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 366 4 13
     Yellow 356 4 13
     Red 343 4 6
  • Hole 4

    A short risk and reward par 4. The risk is the trees down the left and the out of bounds to the left of the two tiered green.
    The day after a north London derby the flag may be at the front (red for an Arsenal win), or on the top tier (white for a Spurs victory). A yellow flag in the middle indicates a draw.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 286 4 17
     Yellow 286 4 17
     Red 266 4 14
  • Hole 5

    Reputed to be the hardest par 3 in Middlesex. You'll need plenty of club to carry the cross bunkers.
    Anything right is gone, anything left is trouble and anything long is a problem.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 213 3 3
     Yellow 181 3 3
     Red 145 3 16
  • Hole 6

    The first par 5 and the hardest hole on the course.
    Find the left of the fairway and then, on the off chance you have actually hit it where you meant to, aim left of the cross bunker before leaving a short pitch shot next to the pin and walking away with a birdie.
    Good luck with that.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 538 5 1
     Yellow 521 5 1
     Red 447 5 8
  • Hole 7

    This is actually the hardest par 3 in Middlesex.
    Our Professional takes an extra club as this uphill hole plays MUCH longer than the yardage.
    The members have a name for holes 5, 6 and 7 which cannot be repeated but if you survive without losing a ball and/or your sense of humour you are in good shape.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 178 3 11
     Yellow 174 3 11
     Red 140 3 12
  • Hole 8

    Time to unleash your power fade.
    The dead oak is the line. There is trouble both left and right of a raised green.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 387 4 7
     Yellow 377 4 7
     Red 363 4 2
  • Hole 9

    A short par 4 with all the risk but very little reward.
    Sure, Rory McIlroy will clear the dogleg right but you probably won't so aim left.
    He also has the short game to deal with an always firm green.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 350 4 15
     Yellow 332 4 15
     Red 315 4 10
  • Hole 10

    Our Professional describes this as a long par 5 that can be reached in two but he lives in a parallel universe of straight drives, crisp irons and reliable putting.
    Down the right from the tee sets up the hole. There is a ditch 100 yards from the green.
    The bumps in the fairway are an anti-glider legacy of WWII.


     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 530 5 4
     Yellow 521 5 4
     Red 477 5 4
  • Hole 11

    Only when the wind is in the right direction can you occasionally hear Enfield's national anthem.
    Ignore the distant sirens and aim to the right of this short, blind par 4.
    A short pitch to the green gives you another opportunity to three putt.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 322 4 14
     Yellow 313 4 14
     Red 303 4 9
  • Hole 12

    Our Professional's drive hugs the Poplar trees on the right and holds the sloping fairway.
    We are all happy for him.
    Bunkers on both sides of the green lie in wait for all of us one day.
    The walk from 12th green to the 13th tee is a moment for quiet reflection (aka silent fury) but it must pass quickly because the next has water and wind plus all the hazards Harry and James could think of.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 516 5 2
     Yellow 511 5 2
     Red 501 5 1
  • Hole 13

    The feature hole with the 19th century clubhouse as the back drop for a tee shot over a pond. Club up to stay dry.
    The breeze is usually from the south west (off the left).
    Our carp prefer premium balls...

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 174 3 8
     Yellow 162 3 8
     Red 95 3 18
  • Hole 14

    A blind and short driveable par 4. Just left of the oak tree is the line for those of us with marbles.
    The green doesn't so much slope as accelerate away so your second shot is either a sensible bump and run or a Mickelson-esque high back spinning pitch with enough munch to leave it next to the pin.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 286 4 16
     Yellow 261 4 16
     Red 255 4 13
  • Hole 15

    A tight par 3 which opens up the other side of the pit of doom.
    Bunkers left and right guard a green reckoned to be the trickiest on the course.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 183 3 6
     Yellow 174 3 6
     Red 157 3 11
  • Hole 16

    A classic postage stamp hole with a deceptive yardage.
    Supposedly the easiest hole on the course but members know it as a card wrecker.
    If, in the summer, the aroma of pine and flowers reminds you of a Mediterranean beach holiday you are in the front right bunker.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 126 3 18
     Yellow 115 3 18
     Red 106 3 15
  • Hole 17

    A blind par 4 that reveals a stunning vista. Our Professional recommends a tee shot of around 180 yards.
    The Tiger line is left of the white marker but it will probably end in a car crash.
    Your second shot is downhill over water to a green that slopes from back to front.
    Great fun.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 300 4 12
     Yellow 293 4 12
     Red 266 4 7
  • Hole 18

    The longer your tee shot the narrower the fairway becomes but a long drive sets up a birdie opportunity.
    The walk uphill towards the clubhouse is a reminder to invest in gym membership or an electric trolley.
    It is all you need, when over the brow of the hill, you clap eyes on a well protected two tiered green.

     Tee Yards Par S.I.
     White 471 5 10
     Yellow 463 5 10
     Red 432 5 5
  • 19

    Hole 19

    Choose between the spike bar with a balcony overlooking the 1st or the lounge with its deep inviting sofas.
    Either way it is usually, as we all know, a case of what might have been.



Bush Hill Park Golf Club plays host to many societies every year, with the majority coming back time and time again to experience the fantastic course and facilities. 

Society packages are tailored to suit individual requirements. The pro-shop are able to place longest drive and nearest the pin signs on the course to add an extra bit of competition to your day, and for large societies a shot-gun start can be organised. Both the putting green and the practice range are at your disposal while you wait to tee-off.

After playing golf on a beautifully maintained course you can enjoy a drink on the patio or in the well-stocked bar. Complete your day with freshly prepared food in the restaurant, with a choice of set menus available, or for a bespoke menu simply contact our chef when you book.

To organise your Society day contact Stewart on 020 3146 9890 or use the online enquiry form.

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Corporate Golf Days

Corporate Golf Days

Corporate Golf

Golf days provide an ideal opportunity to promote your business, network with new clients, and boost overall staff morale. Bush Hill Park Golf Club provides an impressive setting in which to hold your corporate golf day. 

Each golf day is designed bespoke to your company, with a range of room sizes and competitive golf options to suit any business, small or large. Corporate events at Bush Hill Park provide plenty of opportunities to forge new business relationships and for valuable networking, well away from the hectic office environment.

After playing, your group can enjoy drinks and food in the peaceful parkland setting of the Club, a world away from the stresses of the office environment. Our in-house chef and his catering team are able to provide a wide variety of options, from light buffets to full three course dinners, providing an ideal opportunity for conversation with clients and colleagues alike.

The Club is just 10 miles from central London, well connected by the M25 and mainline train services, and is therefore ideal for a day’s retreat from the city.

To book your corporate golf day please contact Stewart on 020 3146 9890 or by using the online enquiry form.

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