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Bush Hill Park aims to make your visit as risk free as possible. Unfortunately, by the nature of the game, it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely. It is the Club’s policy to reduce and manage risk as best as it can. Please remember that each player has the responsibility of taking care of themselves and others while playing golf at Bush Hill Park.

General Safety

At all times, players should comply with the etiquette of golf and play safely. Please do not play until you are sure that the group ahead is out of range. Remember that if you strike someone with a golf ball you may be personally liable for any injury caused.


When there is lightning in the area all players must leave the course immediately and return to the clubhouse.

Your attention is drawn to notices both in the professional's shop and the clubhouse.

Water Hazards

No attempt must be made to retrieve balls from the lakes on 13th and 17th holes.

Hot Weather

Remember to apply sun protection cream and drink sufficient liquid. There is a drinking fountain at the 13th.

Frost and Wet

Special care needs to be exercised on the various steps and grassy slopes around the course at all times but especially in wet and frosty conditions. The ramp leading from the 17th tee is fairly steep and players are advised to use the handrails, especially when using an electric trolley.

Practice area

Balls must only be hit from the practice bays, and only irons may be used. Balls can be retrieved only by authorised personnel.

Greens staff

All players should exercise extreme care when playing in the vicinity of staff working on the course. Remember that they may not hear shouts of “fore” when using machinery.

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