As the name suggests this is a competition consisting of 5 players from BHP that play against other teams in Middlesex. This competition is open to all 7-day members but essentially it is the lower handicapped players that are selected since it is a scratch (no handicap allowances) match-play competition. Players are entitled to a caddy, if they so choose, who must not be a golf professional. The team captain will choose the team on current play and handicap. Players will be notified by the team captain.

The winning club in each group goes forward to the semi-finals and finals on a date and venue determined by Middlesex towards the end of the season.

Upcoming matches:
Saturday March 18th V Sudbury – Away
Sunday May 14th V Hendon - Away
Sunday June 11th V Sudbury – Home
Sunday Aug 6th V Hendon – Home

FINAL: Saturday Sept 30th at Wyke Green

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