Ladies Teams and Societies

The club is involved in both friendly and competitive ladies' matches for both 5 and 7 day players, against other clubs.


As the name suggests this is a competition consisting of 5 players from BHP that play against other teams in Middlesex. This competition is open to all 7-day members but essentially it is the lower handicapped players that are selected since it is a scratch (no handicap allowances) match-play competition. Players are entitled to a caddy, if they so choose, who must not be a golf professional. The team captain will choose the team on current play and handicap. Players will be notified by the team captain.

The winning club in each group goes forward to the semi-finals and finals on a date and venue determined by Middlesex towards the end of the season.

Pearson Trophy:

During November to May the club is involved in The Pearson Trophy. This initially is a competition amongst clubs in Middlesex, played on an area home and away basis. This competition is open to members currently on handicaps 13-32, and is a singles match-play format for teams of 7 playing in handicap order off full handicap difference. Players with competition handicaps over 32 are permitted to play but must play off 32. Both 5 and 7-day members are eligible to play and no caddies are allowed. A sign-up sheet is displayed in the locker room at the start of the season to indicate your willingness to participate in individual matches and the team captain will choose the team from these names. Players will be notified by email as well as on the board in the locker room if chosen and notified of the time and place for the match.

Triangular Matches:

Middlesex Foursomes knockout:

This competition consists of team of six nominated players, any two of whom may play at any stage. These are usually chosen from the foursomes salver competitors but not exclusively. The Ladies committee has the final say in who are nominated and under club rules these must be 7-day members. Caddies are permitted if the players so wish, but not golf professionals. The competition as the name implies is foursomes, matchplay, off ½ combined handicap difference. The final and semi-final are on a set course and date nominated by Middlesex and only those available to play on these dates will be nominated in the team. Players chosen will be notified by the ladies handicap secretary.

Middlesex Five club:

This competition is competed for in a normal weekly competition and the first 7-day member goes forward to compete in a knockout against other Middlesex clubs, if more than 20 entrants then the first and second go forward to the knockout stage. No caddies are allowed. Players will be notified by the ladies handicap secretary.

Friendly matches:

• Mid-week (usually Thursday’s) triangular matches:

• Weekend friendly matches – priority is given to those players who are unable to play mid-week but entry is open to all 7-day ladies:

At the start of the season a list of friendly matches is posted and members are invited to indicate their availability if they wish to take part in any particular match. These matches take several forms usually either Greensomes or singles and can be either match-play or stableford team totals. Nearer the time a team will be selected with the aim both of winning the match and giving as many members as possible the chance to play in at least one game. If selected you tick your name to show that you know you are playing and turn up at the appointed time and venue. There are usually light refreshments offered after the game and players are expected to stay. Match fees are fixed each year.

Middlesex competitions:

There is a leaflet produced at the start of the season listing all Middlesex competitions and the conditions of entry. These will be handed out to members but if you miss this or lose your copy there are usually spares left in the locker room. Also you can find out about these competitions online at:

Outside competitions for you and your friends to enter:

There is a folder in the locker room with leaflets that have been received by the club from outside clubs advertising their open competitions and stating their conditions of entry. You are welcome to take a leaflet if any such competition takes your fancy but do remember if there is only one copy, rather than take this and deprive others from the same opportunity, take the copy to the office and ask them to photocopy it for you and return the original to the folder. Alternatively if you search individual clubs online they advertise their opens as a drop down message on their website.

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