Women's Captain's Announcements

I`m sure we were all so happy to be back on the golf course on Wednesday, meeting up with friends to try and reacquaint ourselves with this strange game. Luckily for us the weather wasn't too unkind (unlike Thursday) and we were all able to at least enjoy a nice walk. As you know there were a few issues with IG and scoring, mostly due to people not having their playing handicap and the percentage worked out in advance. Can I please ask that in future we all try to have the correct information regarding our handicaps prior to playing, enter any scores correctly and promptly. If there are any discrepancies with IG please check again.

So, next week is Greensomes. This will be 60% of the lower handicap and 40% of the higher playing handicap. If you can do your calculations by the weekend and let Lisa know, she will check they are correct.

Thank you to Penny for our farewell drinks. We hope you'll be very happy in your new home in East Sussex. You and Andrew have made a significant impact at BHP and you will always be welcome here.

Alison is still completing the locker inventory, so if you haven't given her your locker number please do. Can I also ask that those of us that store a trolley in the shed ensure it is collapsed and stored appropriately. There is going to be an inventory of trolleys also undertaken and then the storage will be tidied.

Don't forget the Swindle on the 13th and sign up on the IG. We look forward to meeting our Affiliate members and any new members. If you encounter any problems please contact me.

Please can we all remember to repair our pitch marks and 1 other each time we play. Don't rely on someone else to do it.

Finally, congratulations to Dawn, Carol and Chris who won the Cha cha cha.

Captain's Announcment
Captain's Announcements


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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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