Lady Captain's Announcements

Hello Ladies not much today except a few reminders.

Firstly the winter competitions in the locker room. The first one will be sorted today and I will email the pairings so you can book as normal on the BRS next week. Thus you will still choose your own times.

The Winter Foursomes Salver has now been drawn and will be emailed out to all entrants.

I have come round to collect the £1 fine for those of you that went into the 13th pond today but have also accepted a £20 one off payment from Tracey to cover the whole year. So if any others would rather do this then I am willing to take your money and add you to the list of paid-up fines.

The away-day and overnighter are still a little low on numbers. We do need to pay deposits to secure the excellent deals that Cela has negotiated for us, so please sign up now and Cela will be round with her collection book the week after next, Nov 1st.

Chris Robertson is starting to collect for the bottle sweep at the Christmas Fayre, so can you please start to bring in your bottles from next week?

Finally a moan; I'm afraid it's the age old SLOW PLAY! Can we please ensure that if the group behind is playing faster that we call them through and not leave them waiting on shots! Don't take loads of practice swings, one will do during a game, and certainly none after the shot has been made! When playing a stableford be sure to pick-up when you have run out of shots. 

Captain's Announcements
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Thursday, 06 August 2020

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