Lady Captain's Announcements

Firstly I would like to thank Tracey for stepping into the breach and giving my notices in the clubhouse today while I played in the 36-hole Club Championship.

Can people please sign up for my away day at Aldwickbury Park GC on June 18th but also and more importantly at the moment since Cela will need to collect deposits for the overnighter at Dunstan Hall in Norfolk on September 9th & 10th. The notices are on the Lady Captain's Board, on the right as you enter the locker room.

We will be holding a rules Quiz (nothing too difficult honest) with Q&A on rules after along with wine and nibbles on November 7th, all are welcome but especially our new and improving lady golfers. 7 for 7:30 start.

Lesley Avent is organising a bulb planting session to try to brighten up the course. This will take place on Oct 31st starting about 1pm all are welcome, the more the merrier

We have just taken delivery of a new set of cards which have a slightly different lay out, to make the cards more user friendly. These cards also have the new SSS on them, including the yellows for Ladies and a new ladies index. These cards will come into operation on Saturday. We have had discussions for several years about the ladies index, since it bore no resemblance to the CONGU recommendations. These recommendations were virtually impossible to implement fully, until they were updated last year. We have had discussions at committee and have decided to implement these new CONGU recommendations. Once I had gone through these, as club handicap secretary, and come up with what is to be our new index, several of us went out and tried them out to compare how they stand up against the old ones and found that the overall result is very similar. What one has to remember is that the index has almost nothing to do with the difficulty of any particular hole; its main purpose is for match-play and to ensure that shots are given over holes of varying degrees of difficulty. So if you are giving 5 shots these are not the five hardest holes and not five consecutive holes. It is also to ensure that if you go onto the 19th hole this is not a shot hole when only giving a few shots and the 18th hole should not be a low index, as it was on our last set of cards, since this means that if you only get a few shots then you would not get these if the game is concluded early.

We have listened to several of our members who have said they would like more 'fun' competitions, something that would help our new and improving Lady golfers to learn the rules and integrate more with the established lady golfers. So we are going to change the winter programme from the 8th of November. We will leave the End of Season Alliance, the Winter Greensomes and The Texas Scramble as they are but all others until The Bisque on the week beginning February 18th will either be 2 or 4 ball competitions and we would like you to sign up in the locker room at least 3 weeks prior to the competition. The sheets for the first four competitions are in the locker room now. We will do a 'balanced' draw for partners three weeks beforehand, so that you can then book your times as usual with your drawn partner. The idea of a draw is to ensure that our new and improving ladies and paired up with more experienced ladies. This is to help familiarise everyone with the rules and the different formats of golf plus to help integrate our section more fully. We will still have the 13-hole competitions for those of you that do not feel able to take part in this but would like to encourage as many ladies as possible to join in.

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Thursday, 06 August 2020

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