Ladies' Captain's Announcements

Last Wednesday the complaint was 'it's too hot' well this week it was 'it's too wet'! The conditions for Captain's Day for Ladies were truly horrendous but everyone who started finished, so well done ladies! The Captain was everywhere, on the first tee, in the hut dispensing cakes, luckily he was able to shelter in our new hut so he was probably the only one who stayed dry. Then he was in the bar to buy all the Ladies a drink and give out the prizes, he had a very busy day!! The winners were Div. 1, Lucy Bidmead with a magnificent 39 points and Div 2 Umar Annaradnam with 37 points. Very well done Ladies!! On behalf of all the Ladies I'd like to thank the Captain for his generosity.

On Sunday we have the Gents Invite to Ladies, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for dry weather. Monday and Wednesday we have the Rafferty Cup a 36 hole medal.

If you wish to withdraw from a competition, please ensure you do so before 8.00 am on the morning of the competition. After that you have committed to playing in the competition, please do not ask the Pro Shop/Office to remove you from the competition. If you don't play it can affect the standard scratch and impact on everyone else, so it's important to decide in good time if you are playing or not. With the imminent introduction of the new World Handicapping System, if you N/R from a competition it will have a huge impact on your handicap so it's in your best interests to complete your round.
A very good way to learn about this new system is to watch the 'bite sized' videos that Danny Hill is incorporating into his weekly newsletter.

On September 16th instead of our Ladies Invite to Ladies which we don't feel is feasible this year due to Covid and the need for social distancing, we are instead having a Ladies Invite to the Affiliates, in a 13 hole competition, we are very much looking forward to having the opportunity to meet the new ladies and for them to get to know us and realise that we don't bite (much)!

Finally this week on Sunday 30th August, we are holding the Club Championship, which is played off scratch but also the Club Handicap Championship, this is open to everyone, so please enter, you never know you could be a winner. As these are our 2 most prestigious competitions they are both 36 holes.

Kind regards,

Sue Evans

Ladies' Captain

Captain's Announcements
Captain's Announcements


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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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