Ladies' Captain's Announcements

What a joy it was to be able to play golf today! Glorious sunny weather, albeit with a chilly wind, but having had seven weeks of no golf we would have played in any conditions.

The modifications to the first hole look really great, a delight to behold, unlike our tee shots! Graham Careford and his gang have done a wonderful job on the course keeping it in trim for us to be able to start playing today. A special thanks to Stewart Judd for sorting out the new computer and booking system. He's probably gone grey overnight but Intelligent Golf is a big improvement on BRS.

Everyone adhered to the new tee times, playing in pairs & social distancing, which seems to happen naturally in golf anyway! We must also thank Billie Newland for being the first tee marshall this morning and also to all the others in the future.

To help Graham Careford along, members have volunteered to assist him around the course, mainly filling in divots and re sanding the bunkers, some of which have already been done by Messrs. D Pyatt, A Brown, C Savage & J Coyle.

Once we get out of lock-down and the clubhouse is open we fully intend to fulfill our commitment to play the various competitions that we have had to postpone. Of course this will depend on advise from the government and England Golf.

We would like to thank all the members who have rejoined and hope you will all continue to support our club through these difficult times.

Let's play golf!!

Graham & Sue

Captain and Ladies' Captain

Captain's Announcements
Covid19 (Coronavirus)


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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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