Ladies' Captain's Announcements

Once again the weather has disrupted our golf. We postponed the Bisque Salver on Wednesday as we didn't think the course would be open, although in the end it was. We also have had to postpone our first Pearson match of the season. Fingers crossed for next week, although I'm not holding my breath!

Now let's talk toilets. Well one toilet in particular. Guy Saunders has been putting in a lot of work to try to get some funding to help finance the proposed new hut and on course toilet. However we need to raise more money ourselves. If we don't get this sorted out this year I don't think it will happen at all. If you were put off of donating because you didn't like the look of the original container type hut, Billie has now found a much nicer looking design which looks more like a summer house, so much more attractive. So ladies if we want to have this new facility we need to start pledging!

Billie is also looking for a lady to sit on the new Greens committee, so if you are interested please let her know.

Finally Happy Birthday and a big thank you to our lovely Tracey who bought us all a drink last Wednesday to celebrate her special day.

Upcoming Events:
Sunday Lunch
Italian Night- Friday 6th March
Annual Dinner- Saturday 14th March
St. Patrick's Day Celebration- Friday 20th March
Mother's Day- Sunday 22nd March

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Mexican Night


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Monday, 08 March 2021

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