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Ladies Captain's Announcements

Commiserations to the Pearson team who lost away to Mill Hill and to the Middlesex Foursomes who also lost.

I am pleased to report that the downstairs shower head has been replaced and fitted by our intrepid Sue Charles who also put a new battery in the clock which is now working. A new part has been delivered for the upstairs shower and it should be working next week!

Dawn Rose had an unfortunate fall and has broken her wrist so will be out for six weeks. We wish her a speedy recovery.

If you have not yet signed up for the V1 hub with your contact details it would be helpful if you could as a last minute phone call is sometimes necessary.

Please sign up for the Captain v Vice on March 22nd. It is a 13 hole draw for partners to kick start our year and is followed by lunch.The menu will be up soon so please sign up your preference.

Next Wednesday is the Flag competition. It is a medal off full handicap. All competitors start from the first tee. The first group will take out 2 flags - first flag to be placed when all strokes allowed (70 plus full handicap) have been exhausted by one player. The second player places the second flag when her shots are exhausted. Subsequent players reaching the first flag with shots in hand should lift the flag and place it where their shot allowance runs out. Always leave the second flag reached where it is.The winner is the player to be nearest to the 18th green or even pin when their shots run out.

I am away next week so leave you in the capable hands of Sue Charles.


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Saturday, 06 June 2020