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Ladies Captain's Announcements

On Sunday we were blessed with lovely sunshine when six couples turned out at short notice for the re- arranged Iris Sumner trophy.For those of you who never knew Iris she was a keen hockey player before joining Bush Hill Park where she enjoyed her golf. She was a real character with a great sense of humour and enjoyed a beer and a cheroot after golf.Sadly she died while on holiday in her year as Vice Captain.The trophy was won by Irene and Lisa with Sue Collins and Sue Coates runners up.

Congratulations to Lisa who also won the Chinchilla cup from Sarah Rees.

It was a good day for celebrating as Janet had a hole on one on the 15th.

I spoke to Joyce and Marie last night who are both feeling sore but on the way to recovery.Marie has a new phone and I have put up all her details on my board.She would welcome a call or visit.


Beaujolis Day - Thursday November 22nd- sign up in bar or pro shop.

Prize Giving - Friday November 23rd

Christmas Fayre - Thursday December 6th - Contact Lucy for a board outside your house to advertise. Tell Hazel if you can make cakes, jam or preserves.

Bring me bottles as soon as you like. We need 100. I would also welcome raffle prizes.

Do sign up for all the competitions from November to Christmas as these are all draw for partners. It is good to have non qualifying competitions in the winter and to mix up with different people thus keeping up the friendly atmosphere of our ladies' section.As these games will all be in twos or fours there is no problem with playing in threes before Christmas.

Happy golfing


Captain's Announcements
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Saturday, 06 June 2020