As reported last week the new irrigation ring main was marked out on Tuesday, including the location of the valve boxes.

Victor Jamieson (designer) and Ashley Proctor (contractor) were both present to plot a route around the course avoiding major obstacles such as large tree roots and major services.

Phase one will be the mole ploughing of the ring main which will start on Monday and could take up to 3 weeks to complete.

Members will also notice wooden stakes around the course, these mark the location of the valve boxes and the small flags represent route of ring main.

Pipe work and machinery are now starting to arrive at the club in preparation for the start date. An area to the rear of the car park has been fenced off to create a compound for materials and machinery to be securely stored.

Containers will also be used by the contractors for office, toilet and rest room facilities.

 3rd Tee

The 3rd tee this week received its first cut since being levelled and turfed only ten days ago. The now level tee is looking great and boasts full grass coverage thanks to regular top dressings, fertiliser and plenty of water. Establishment of the turf since being laid has gone better than hoped and I foresee this tee being back in play very soon.

1st Hole 

New signage has been placed on the first hole reminding golfers that it's a call up hole. Marking your ball and calling up players on the tee does speed up play, especially when locating where the balls land.


The green staff this week have been busy maintaining the bunkers, work included redefining the edges, removal of stones and moving sand to hard areas.

The back edges of bunkers received special attention as these areas are being eroded due to the build-up of sand on the back lips. This is mainly caused by poor bunker raking.

Rakes in our bunkers are designed to be used with both hands and be raked in a forward motion not raking backwards as you leave the bunker.

This is causing sand to build up on the edges whilst losing sand in the more central parts of the bunker.

If we could adopt this approach the bunkers will play better and be much more consistent.

Lady Captain's Announcements
Lady Captain's Announcements


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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