Course Update

 After the snow disruption of last week the course was fully open on Monday after the long drawn out thaw of the 5th and 10th greens.

Many local golf clubs were closed for the duration of last weekend including Hadley Wood, Old fold manor and Crews Hill, so we did well to open as many holes as we did.

The irrigation contractors are now back on site and busy installing sprinkler heads on the 1st , 7th and 11th tees, plus installing the controller in my office.

Our work this week consisted of making good the 8th path which was looking scruffy due to the many vehicles entering the field to carry out the irrigation works.

We removed the old path material which had turned to mud, re-edged and fresh woodchip applied. The wood chip we use is recycled from tree works from around the course, this material is natural and more importantly free!

Greens were hand cut on Thursday at a height of 5mm (winter height), this will be repeated weekly to give the greens a light trim and more importantly a roll to keep the surfaces smooth.

Aeration of the fairways started on Tuesday and will be ongoing for the next couple of weeks. Some areas of fairway that are very compacted will have the surface disrupted, this is normal and breaking through this hard layer is actually doing some good.

Were now coming to the end of another very busy year maintaining the golf course, time to reflect on what has been done and time to prepare for next year. I will continue to offer detailed information via my blog to the membership to keep you all fully updated on course works.

I am also keen to give alternative information that you wouldn't necessarily be aware of, including man hours per job.

I do record our maintenance programmes on a daily basis which gives me an overall picture of the timescale of each task.

The following information is from January 1st – December 20th 2017 and highlights man hours for the key tasks.

Greens maintenance 1,526 hours (18%)

Bunkers maintenance 1,231 hours (14.5%)

Tees maintenance 651 hours (7.7%

Drainage works 486 hours (5.7%)

Rough440 hours (5.2%)

Fairways304 hours (3.6)

Tree works282 hours (3.3%)

Leaf clearance276 hours (3.3%)

Greens renovations276 hours (3.3%)

Clearance work222 hours (2.6%)

Aprons/Approaches180 hours (2.1%)

Practice range167 hours (2%)

Additional end of year information:

Bush hill park golf club rain data for 2017


February 33mm







September 45mm

October 15mm

November 15mm


Total = 485mm

This will be my final report this year so on behalf of all the greenstaff we would like to wish all our members a very happy Christmas and a happy new year.

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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