Course Update

The irrigation works were halted for three days this week due to the heavy snow.

They returned on Thursday to make good the road crossings, fit more sprinkler heads and install the system controller and PC.

The course is now extremely wet and consideration will have to be given on what further work can be achieved to avoid damaging the course.

Course maintenance this week concentrated on clearing the snow and tidying the course ready for play.

On Sunday many people visited the golf course to enjoy the snow and use the many slopes and hills as toboggan runs, we even had two quad bikes that were seen skidding on the 17th green! This behaviour I quickly stopped with the help of "Fonzy" my German Shepard dog. No permanent damage was caused.

This many people on the course does create mess and unintentionally they do cause minor damage that needed to be repaired before we re-opened.

Many large limbs also had to be cleared that dropped due to the sheer weight of snow, but thankfully all our mature trees stayed upright.

Normally after snow disease can attack the greens after sitting under the snow carpet, but the preventative programme has obviously worked as no new outbreaks were identified.

Thursday the course was back open with 9 holes in play, only ice on the 5th, 7th and 10th greens stopped us opening the full 18.

New drainage on the 5th hole has been thoroughly tested during the thaw and as the picture shows it's working very well. It is satisfying seeing the outlet pipe exiting vast amounts of water that would otherwise keep this area waterlogged.

Aeration of the fairways has now been rescheduled to start next week.

This work can cause obstruction to golfers as the work is painfully slow.

You might experience a very slow moving tractor in the middle of the fairway you are playing, if this is the case please give way to allow the work to be carried out safely. Many thanks. 

Course Update
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Mark Kermode on Sunday, 17 December 2017 11:49

Thanks Graham, good to know what's going on at the club when I'm hibernating - keep up the good work!

Thanks Graham, good to know what's going on at the club when I'm hibernating - keep up the good work!
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