Course Update

 Irrigation -

As reported last week the contractors have been concentrating on installing the valves and valve boxes which makes good all the open holes around the course, this work should be completed very soon.

Work will then turn to installing the sprinkler heads on the 1st, 7th, 11th 12th tees and the 6th green.

Next phase will be installing pipe and sprinkler heads to the remaining holes in the middle field (11thgreen, 12th green, 6th tee and the 5thhole)

Taking advantage of the dry conditions all fairways were cut this week to improve definition. The fairways will now be aerated using our verti-drainer to punch holes through the surface to improve drainage.

Some surface disruption does occur due to compaction, this work will help break up the compacted layers allowing the free movement of moisture and air.

Verti-draining will start next week, please give way where possible so the work can be carried out quickly and safely.

The 5th drainage was completed this week with an open ditch being dug that connects to an outlet drain. This small ditch will help take surface water away from this area and stop the 6th path from flooding.


Weather this autumn has been good and very dry for the time of year, although in the coming weeks we know ground conditions will become much softer and tough decisions will need to be made on the use of buggies.

My intentions are to keep buggies on for as long as possible and with the use of signs and roping off areas we can help direct users to the driest possible routes. However during periods of sustained rain we will have to reduce buggy numbers to protect the course, so in this case only members with a medical condition will be allowed to use a buggy.

If ground conditions worsen and the use of a buggy becomes dangerous or noticeable damage to the course, a total buggy ban will have to be introduced.

Decision will be made by 7.15am and the pro shop informed so the club website can be updated, so please check status before play.

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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