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Irrigation -

Ground conditions have been challenging which has made mole ploughing difficult in some areas of the course. Tree roots have also been a problem adjacent to tees which did slow up progress.

In the last ten days the pace has picked up with the 1st 3rd 6th and 7th greens and the 1st 2nd 4th 7th and 11th tees having pipework and heads installed.

In our monthly update meeting with the contractors is was agreed that all valve boxes will be fitted and reinstatement completed in these areas before anymore pipework is installed.

It was also agreed that the finishing date will be put back to February to allow the contractors more time for the installation to be successful and not rushed.

Irrigation and Water will now revise their programs of works and issue a copy to the club. The revised program will be posted on the notice boards for members to view.


The greens are now cut at 5mm (winter height) twice weekly.

Greens are still firm enough to be cut with the triple mowers but this will switch to hand cutting as the greens become softer.

Apart from a small outbreak of Fusarium in October we have been disease free for the duration of November, which is gratifying as we had a particular mild month.

Turf hardeners including Potassium and Iron are sprayed monthly and are helping to combat further disease and has given the greens improved density and colour this autumn.


Progress on the 5th drainage has been slow due to the wet muddy conditions resulting in us having to pull off the job several times, which has disrupted momentum.

All trench lines have now been cut and we are in the process of installing pipes and back filling with shingle.

Outstanding work is to dig a small ditch and connect the mains pipe to the outlet, this will be started this week

The 12th green is now back in play and early indications show that it is draining very well. The nature of the works does mean that some subsidence is likely, but this will be corrected once identified.

The major problem we have recently is the foxes digging holes on a nightly basis causing real damage. Over the years I have used many products to deter foxes but with very little effect.

In my experience this behaviour tends to fizzle out over time as they return to digging holes in our bunkers instead. 

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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