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Greens Report

The weather has continued to be very unsettled which has disrupted play due to course closures. Hopefully the worst of the weather is behind us and we can look forward to more clement weather this spring

Large areas on the course have been inaccessible for long periods which has left the grass to grow very long, so we intend to take this window of opportunity to cut as much of the course as possible to restore definition and improve cosmetics.


Continue to be cut with pedestrian mowers twice weekly at a cutting height of 5mm.

On the 16th of March our annual maintenance week will start, that will include scarification, vert-draining and finally a heavy sand dressing.

Works will take 3 days to complete although disruption to the surfaces will take longer to heal.


All bunkers have recently been edged restoring definitions. In April a bunker filling programme will be carried to replenish any bunkers that need topping up.


It is vital that everyone takes an interest in looking after the course especially during the winter when the course is wet and the greens are soft.

This does include repairing pitch marks correctly and raking your footmarks in a forward motion.

Retrieving balls from the hole cup using putters is another habit we are beginning to notice, that has and will damage the hole.

Regular visitors to the short game area have noted the many pitch marks on the green and the unraked bunkers after periods of practice.

I do urge users to make good any damage to maintain standards for other users who use the facility and play the course.

1st Hole Project

Construction to the greenside bunkers using the Durabunker method are now complete and look very natural and smart in their new surroundings.

Once the turf is established sand will be incorporated and both bunkers will be back in play.

The raised border adjacent the tee has now been planted with New Zealand privet, that once established will be maintained as a uniformed hedge.

This concludes our work on this project and our initial aims to improve first impressions have been very successful.

Practice Ground

To continue with our developments to improve the practice facilities it has been agreed to create a new practice green adjacent to the 1st tee.

This will be phase 2 of the project after the alterations of the driving bays are completed.

Currently I am in the process of costing the project that would include the installation of a full drainage and irrigation system. The final surface will be grown-in by using cores from our existing greens which saves money and retains constancy with the greens on the course.

No time frame has been set as work will be ongoing and must not detract from course maintenance in this very important 125th year of the club.

Graham Careford

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Monday, 08 March 2021

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