Course Update

After the very dry month of May that saw only 35 mm of rainfall, summer rain has finally arrived with over 50 mm falling in the last 7 days.

This rain is much needed to help the repair process on the fairways that have not recovered from the heatwave last summer.

Now we have sufficient moisture in the soil, work will start in helping the very worst of the bare areas to recover. Work will involve aerating, over-seeding and top dressing.

The dry spring has kept our new irrigation system very busy and this enabled sufficient water to be applied for healthy growth to the greens, tees and approaches. This has resulted in these surfaces being in excellent condition and much improved prior to having the system installed.

Short game area

After only 10 weeks since applying the cores, sward density has flourished, and the area is now resembling a golf green.

Height of cut has been reduced very slowly over the last 4 weeks and we are currently down to 10 mm, once we reach 5 mm we're ready to open.

There are still a number of jobs that need to be completed before then and the timetable of works is as follows:

  • Construct a safety net to stop balls from the driving range entering the area.
  • Install mats on the teeing area.
  • Fill the bunkers with sand.

General course maintenance information


Cut daily with the triple mowers at a height of 3mm, green speed is currently 9.3 on the stimp metre.

Liquid feed is applied every 7-10 days that includes seaweed and iron that improves colour and root structure.


Currently being cut twice weekly at a cutting height of 12 mm.

Tees are divoted fortnightly.


Height of cut on the fairways has been raised to 17 mm and cuts per week reduced to just one. This will reduce stress and allow areas that are struggling to recover.

As growth improves cuts will be increased and heights of cut adjusted.


Fully raked twice weekly, with footmarks attended at all other times.

Serviced every 7-10 days which include the bunkers being edged, weeded and re-distributing sand to the bases.

I am already working on our winter work programme in readiness for the work and budgets to be approved.

We would like to revisit our drainage programme this year with one green and an area of greatest need being tackled.

My preference would be the 5th green and parts of the 3rd fairway, both locations get very wet and would benefit drainage. Detail to be confirmed.

Chris Elsden

Thanks to our friends at Jemca Enfield, our local Toyota dealership we have managed to secure a sponsorship deal which includes the purchase of new flags pins and metal hole cups.

I think you will agree the new additions look great and have really enhanced the golf course.

Further sponsorship will include flags and cups for the putting green and short game area. 

Christopher Elsden who joined us initially as an apprentice before securing a full-time position at the club has now enrolled to attend college to gain his N.V.Q level 2 in Sports turf management. Chris has worked incredibly hard for the club and this commitment to continue his professional development will only help the club as he gains further experience and qualification.

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Monday, 10 August 2020

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