Course Update


Greens have recently been aerated and a liquid feed applied containing Iron to harden the turf and improve colour.

At present greens are cut daily at a cutting height of 4 mm. As growth slows and the greens get softer we will raise the cutting height to 5 mm and begin cutting with pedestrian mowers.


Tees are cut twice a week at a cutting height of 17 mm. Height of cut has been raised to give the turf more protection throughout the winter to avoid the use of winter mats.


This week we have repaired the front bunker on the 9th hole that was damaged by foxes burrowing into the face. The affected area was removed and soil added, then landscaped and turfed.

Practice ground

Work has now started and is progressing well in creating a new short game area on the practice field. The base of the green is now in place and is awaiting drainage and rootzone for the finished levels.

Grass will be established in the spring when we plan to hollow core all the greens as part of our green renovation programme, these cores will be used to create the surface.

This practice area will also allow members to practice bunker shots with two bunkers at various distances from the green.

The existing greenside bunker will be made bigger and be given a facelift, while a second bunker is under construction for longer range bunker shots.

We have cleared a large area to allow new tee to be built this winter, this will a give a distance of 40 metres to the centre of the green

Area adjacent to the short game area has been cleared and woodchip applied to improve the cosmetics of the area.

Time table of future works:


Establish levels, Install drainage to the green.

Finish construction to bunkers.

Construct new tee.


Apply cores to the surface of the green.

Turf bunker edges and tee.

Install practice mats into the tee.

Create woodland path to practice area.


Grow in cores and turfed areas.

Planned opening

July/August 2018

Other news

I feel it is important to relay as much information to our members via newsletters and through social media. I sometimes get asked on how long tasks take to complete which is a fair question and is something I track on a daily basis.

Below is information that identifies our most common tasks and the man hours we spend on each job.

This data represents the work that has been completed thus far in the month of October. It is clear maintaining greens and bunkers takes up most of our time closely followed by leaf sweeping, which is no surprise at this time of year.

Collecting data of this nature does show the scope of our work and helps me identify the concentration of man hours on certain tasks.

I plan to publish this information every month for members, to show the diversity of our work in the different seasons of the year.

Note that all the headings are areas and could comprise of many different tasks.

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