Course Update

The dry weather has continued with only 15mm of rain falling in September and so far just 10mm in October. We do rely on increased rain fall in the autumn to help the fairways recover after the very hot summer.

Irrigation lines that have recently been topped up and seeded also need adequate rain for the seed to germinate.

Fairways will be aerated to speed up recovery once the soil is damp enough for the tine to penetrate the surface.


Greens will be aerated next week using 19mm tines to a depth of 150mm.

This work will disrupt the surfaces for a short period, but is vital at this time of year to keep the surfaces open and relieve compaction.

Greens are cut daily at a cutting height of 4mm, this has been raised slightly as growth slows to reduce stress.

The disease Anthracnose which is very common in late summer was combated with a programme of systemic fungicides, this will now continue with the autumn threat of Fusarium.

Autumn liquid feed has been applied to the greens containing Calcium, Potassium and Iron, all three nutrients will help harden the turf to resist disease.

The 8th green has suffered from subsidence over the last few months that has caused the left side of the green to drop. We are now in the process of raising the turf to restore the levels. These affected area will be white lined and should be classified as ground under repair.


Tees have recently been aerated, top dressed and a slow release autumn feed applied. The fertiliser will release nutrients over the next two months to help keep the tees healthy and sustain good grass density.

Tees are cut twice weekly at a cutting height of 13mm, both the height and quantity of cuts will be adjusted as growth slows.

13th Pond

Extremely pleased on how the works panned out, and how good the pond looks today. The fountain looks great and was on loan from Irrigation and Water for us to see its potential. Thankfully the club have now purchased the fountain.

The silt between the 14th and 18th is drying out slowly and becoming firmer, soon we will be able to landscape and seed this area.

Please do not try and retrieve your balls on the silt as there are still areas that are very soft.

Practice ground

To improve the practice facilities for our members and guests work has now started on the building of a new chipping green.

This is phase 1 of the works which will be followed by the construction of new practice bunkers and finally a new tee.

This winter the green will be shaped and drainage installed before rootzone is applied.

In the spring our greens will be hollow cored as part of our spring renovation programme. The the cores once collected will be brought to the site levelled and grown in on the new green.

Once established it will produce a much higher quality green and continuity with other greens on the golf course.

The green is planned to be finished and back in play by August 2019.

Keep up to date with all the latest course developments by following us on Bush Hill Park GC greenkeeping on Facebook or Bush Hill Park GC greenkeeping department on Twitter.

Graham Careford 

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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