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Clearance work to the 13th pond was planned to start on Monday of this week but was hampered by the dumper trucks not arriving until Tuesday, due to transporting issues.

Finally though on Tuesday morning work started clearing the silt and thick vegetation that has choked up the pond for many years. 

 The only machine capable of doing this work was a 13metre long reach excavator that we hired and operated ourselves, this enabled us to reach the centre of the pond, where over 3 foot of silt had developed over the years.

The silt was removed and taken to an allocated area adjacent to the 14th and 18th fairways to dry, once dry the silt will be landscaped and seeded making a natural feature.

After two days the pond area in front of the green had been de-silted and removed from the site leaving the original depth from when it was first dug.

Lilies will be planted to give colour and interest and I am trying to obtain a fountain for us to trial and possibly purchase.

Once we are happy with the clearance work water will be added over a period of time, the majority of the water will come from the bore hole as I still have a surplus of water I can abstract.

The green staff have worked very long hours on this project and have saved the club many thousands of pounds in carrying out this work in-house.

Quotes obtained from outside contractors were in excess of £30,000, we managed to complete the works for just over £3000.

The weather has been fair for the duration of the project which has helped keep mess to a minimum. Moving heavy plant and wet silt around will inevitably leave minor damage, these areas will be addressed in the coming days and weeks.

I am very much looking forward seeing this pond develop in the coming years now that the silt has been removed, and it might even match the look of the 17th pond.

Hopefully it will be better.

Graham Careford

Captain's Announcements
Captain's Announcements

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Guest - Sé Banim on Friday, 07 September 2018 15:46

Well done, Graham.
Lease thank your staff for their hard work and commitment.
Sé Banim

Well done, Graham. Lease thank your staff for their hard work and commitment. Sé Banim
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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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