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Renovation week

The second round of renovation works to the greens will commence on Tuesday 28th August and will take 4 days to complete.

This work is disruptive to the surfaces but is essential for the long term health of the greens.

The first process is to aerate with a machine called a verti-drainer that uses metal tines to punch holes into the turf.

Aeration is the process by which holes are put into the greens to allow for air to be able to get into the soil beneath the green.

Aeration is also needed when the soil beneath the surface becomes compacted. When the soil is compacted grass roots cannot develop and moisture cannot percolate resulting in soft poorly drained greens.

Sand is applied after the aeration process to fill the holes, this aids drainage and dilutes organic matter build up on the surface.

Organic matter (thatch) is organic material which naturally accumulates just below the turf, and consists of dead grass leaves, stems, shoots and roots.

High percentage of organic matter in the turf is not good and creates soft spongy greens that are prone to disease.

Since carrying out these practices since 2012 we have reduced organic matter levels from 8% to below 3%, so this work is having positive effect on plant health.

Time table of works:

Tuesday: Aerate using a 19mm width tine to a depth of 150mm.

Wednesday: Top dress greens (15 tons) and brush into holes.

Thursday: Second aerate using 10mm width tine to a depth of 100mm

Friday: Top dress greens (15 tons) and brush into holes.


Correct timing of aeration will ensure the fastest possible recovery and return the greens to good order in the shortest possible time.

The key to a quick recovery is to carry out renovations when the turf is healthy and actively growing, which is why we carry out this work in August.

It also helps that the course is less busy with many members on holiday, which makes our work that much faster.

The sand will take several days to completely disappear and for us to resume normal cutting practices.

During this period the greens will be brushed and rolled.

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17th Pond

The fountain has now been repaired and relocated on the pond.

Because of the age of the fountain it took some time to track down the correct pump and other parts which delayed the repair.

13th Pond

I have now secured the hire for a long reach excavator for the silt removal of the 13th pond. This is a specialist piece of equipment with a reach of 13metres which will be ideal to clear the pond.

The silt will be transported a short distance to the rough area between the 14th and 18th fairways and left to dry. Once dry the area will be landscaped, seeded and left to grow as grass.

Work will start on Monday September 3rd and will take 5 days to complete.

The 13th hole will be closed on the Monday and Tuesday of that week while works are directly in front of the green.

Thanks for your patience

Graham Careford 

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Captain's Announcements


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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