Course Update

The cooler wet conditions of late has been a welcome change to the very hot weather we have experienced over the last eight weeks.

21mm of rain fell in the last week with 10mm alone falling in two hours on Monday morning.

The irrigation system has worked very well in keeping surfaces alive and in a healthy condition, but nothing can beat natural rainfall.

For comparison purposes 10mm of rain on the golf course would equate to 1.5million litres of water over the greens, tees and fairways if applied through an irrigation system. Our system would take over 17 hours of run time to achieve that amount over such an area.

This rain has encouraged glimpses of green to appear, but the forecast is for more hot weather, so brown fairways are here to stay for a little while longer.

Poplar trees

Its only August and already we are clearing leaves from the Poplar trees in the middle and far fields. This task has to be carried out at least twice a week and will ongoing until November when finally the last of the leaves fall.

Poplar trees were a tree of choice for many London parkland courses in the 50s and 60s as they are quick growers and could very quickly create an avenue of trees defining fairways.

Only in recent years golf clubs have realised the problem these trees are causing and are beginning to remove large numbers and replacing them with native low maintenance species. Poplars are not long livers and we have been proactive in planning for the future if these trees fall into decline.

The 8th hole where we have lost several Poplar trees has the potential of being large pond where the trees are located. There are many hurdles to overcome for this project to get off the ground, but it's definitely something that it achievable and would enhance this field should we lose these trees.

But in the short term we will keep clearing their leaves, and keep affected areas playable

13th Pond

Many of you would have noticed recently the lack of water in the 13th pond, this has been due to shortage of natural rainfall that the pond relies on to replenish levels. Water levels have been struggling for a few years due mainly to the build-up of silt and vegetation choking up the water. A decision was made last year to remove the fish and relocate them to a local fishery as they were suffering, few still remain and will be removed in due course.

This week we have continued our work in clearing the banks and crown lifting trees in preparation for when we de-silt the pond in September.

Once de-silted the pond will be filled with water creating a much healthier and better looking feature.

Long term we are also looking to reinstate a fountain to provide oxygen to the water and give the 13th hole a more decorative look.

Other course news

Some might of noticed a brown line down the middle of the first green, this was caused by roller bearing collapsing whilst the green was being cut affecting the height.

With regular sand dressing the affected area will grow out very quickly.

Filming of the greenstaff using drones has recently been shot highlighting our work in setting up the golf course. The short film will help promote the club to new members and demonstrate the many tasks the greenstaff carry out on a daily basis.

The films premier will be available to see soon on the clubs website and other social media outlets.

Green Renovations

Greens renovations will start on Monday 27th August and will take five days to complete.

There will be some disruption to the greens during this period as we will be aerating and applying heavy sand dressings.

More detailed schedule of works will be listed in future reports.

Graham Careford

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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