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The irrigation contractors were at the club for two days last week finishing off the snagging list and reinstatement works.

Victor Jamieson (designer) will now have one final visit to check and sign off the works.

Although wet of late the system has been up and running during dry periods in May and I have been very impressed with coverage and the way I can manage water usage. Tees in particular have improved in grass coverage as well as approaches that always burned off in times dry weather.

The Mi remote control system allows me to remotely water areas from my mobile phone, this allows me to individually operate any sprinkler head on the golf course if I feel an area needs more water. A fabulous tool.


Greens are cut daily at a cutting height of 3mm. (summer height)

Liquid fertiliser is applied every 7-10 days, this little often approach has helped the greens recover after the winter and encourages stronger growth producing good consistent surfaces for the season.

Verti-cutting is also a very important procedure that is carried out frequently to remove thatch and broad leafed grasses producing true firm surfaces.


Tees are cut twice weekly at a cutting height of 12 mm.

Par 3s are divoted daily, all other tees are divoted at least once a week.

We have adopted this approach as it eliminates wastage of seed and soil, which I feel divot boxes were doing.


This week fairways will be sprayed with a selective herbicide to remove daisy's, dandelions and clover.

Other areas of the will also be sprayed including tees aprons and approaches if weeds are identified.

Divot bags will return for members to repair their divots, boxes will be placed around the course once more divot bags have been sent.

Fairways are cut twice weekly at a cutting height of 15mm.


Bunkers are fully raked twice a week and footmarks attended to daily.

Servicing the bunkers fortnightly involves edging, de-stoning and evenly distributing sand around the base.

A bunker filling programme has recently been carried out with twenty two of the neediest bunkers being topped up.


Recently a very large Beech tree fell onto our neighbour's property destroying their fence and shed. The location of the tree is deep in the woodland adjacent to the 18th tee on the bank of Salmons Brook.

Because of the size of the tree and the awkward position it fell (bridging Salmons Brook) specialist tree surgeons with winches had to carry out the works for it to be removed safely.

I have spoken to Gristwood and Toms tree surgeons and they have recommended a tree inspection of the area on trees that are in falling distance to the gardens.

Once we receive their findings we then can put an action plan together and manage this area to make it safe.

Divot evening

I am planning to organise a divot evening very soon and would like to welcome all members to attend and divot some fairways for a couple of hours.

It would also be an opportunity to meet the greenstaff and for us to answer any questions you have regarding the course, and for us to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

Date will be confirmed soon. 

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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