Course Update

Irrigation update

The first phase of the snagging has now been completed, work involved repairing any leaks and setting arcs on the sprinkler heads.

Reinstatement works have now begun in making good the trench lines and valve boxes with seed and soil.

Once this final phase has been completed Victor Jamieson our consultant will make his final inspection before the handover is completed.

The system has been up and running recently during a dry spell and already I am beginning to see the benefits this system gives the golf course.

Course news

Cutting programmes are in full swing and our machinery is working flat out to keep growth in check and to improve definition.

Our aging rough mower has become increasingly unreliable and expensive to repair, so we have recently replaced it with a new John Deere mower that will give better quality of cut and most importantly reliability.

Renewal was not planned for another year, so I am very grateful to the committee for further investment to the golf course. 

Working closely with my greens chairman and Danny we do sometimes tweak the golf course to improve playability, and in some cases toughen up certain areas.

Recently we have made a subtle fairway change to the 14th in front of the green. The change involved narrowing the approach to give the green better protection from poor shots from trickling down the slope onto the green.

Once established this area will give interest and better fairway shaping to the approach.

Bunkers of late are being destroyed by foxes on a nightly basis that doubles our workload every morning.

Activity is probably the worst I have ever seen and even bunkers that are not normally affected have now holes appearing in the faces.

This damage not only looks unsightly but contaminates the sand with clay and stones that affects how the bunker plays.

Bunkers are always a controversial talking point at most golf clubs, so its important members are made aware of the constant challenges we face in maintaining bunkers under these conditions 

We are planning for the future to improve the bunkers similar to what we have done on the 16th, but this will take time and a large investment before all the bunkers to get the protection from this behaviour.

In the meantime we will do our very best to keep the stones to a minimum and maintain the bunkers to a highest possible standard. 

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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