Course Update

 Irrigation -

This week irrigation works have concentrated on the three holes in the far field (8th, 9th and 10th)

Work included digging out the locations of the valve boxes and installing the pipework ready for green and tee installations.

From these boxes irrigation pipe will be mole ploughed around the greens and tees ready for sprinkler heads to be fitted.

Please observe signage on the 1st tee to the location of the works and where a temporary green is in play.


Drainage works this autumn will continue to the area in front of the 5th green, which will include the walk off areas to the 6th tees.

These areas have become extremely wet and muddy in previous winters and are roped off as they become impassable.

Work is planned to start on November 20th once materials have been ordered and our tractor returned from a repair.

Phase two of this project will be the drainage of the 5th green which is planned for autumn 2018. This will then conclude the 3 year drainage programme to the middle field. Attentions will then turn to other areas of the golf course that would benefit drainage.


In the coming weeks the fairways will be aerated using the clubs Verti-drain machine. This work will help break up compaction allowing the free movement of air and moisture which improves soil structure.

Work can only start once soil conditions are right for maximum affect and to reduce surface disruption.

This is a particular slow process to complete and you might experience a tractor in your line of sight, please give way where possible to allow this work to be completed safely and in good time.

12th Green

The 12th green received its first cut this week as work continues to restore levels ready for play.

Our work is being hampered by foxes who are digging large holes in the green on a nightly basis. I am hoping this behaviour will cease as there is no deterrent at my disposal to stop it.

I plan to open the green in the next ten days as the small temporary green is deteriorating and will not stand much more traffic.

Once back in play surfaces will not be perfect but will be far better and fairer to putt on than the temporary green. 

Captain's Announcements
Captain's Announcements


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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