Course Update

The weather this spring has comprised of extremes; snow in March very wet in April and only recently temperatures reaching 20 degrees.

April rainfall reached 101mm compared 31mm in 2017, maintaining the course with this amount of rain has been extremely difficult as it limits machinery usage on the golf course.

Charity day, the clubs first major competition is upon us and the greenstaff have worked extremely hard and will be working extra hours over the weekend to show the course off to its best.

Bunker filling programme is ongoing, so far we have replenished eighteen of the neediest bunkers with fresh sand. This has smartened up the look especially on the bunkers that have been contaminated from foxes digging into the faces.

The new 16th bunker has been a real success and has deterred the foxes from burrowing, although if you look closely they have tried.

Plans are in place to construct other bunkers in this way now we know the product works.

Preparing the course for any event is very labour intensive and members do enquire about cutting routines, so I have listed our cutting programme that we work to during the season.

Greens- cut daily 3mm

Tees- cut twice weekly 12mm

Fairways- cut twice weekly 15mm

Aprons and approaches- cut twice weekly 12mm

Semi rough 1-2 cuts per week 25mm

Rough- cut weekly 50-65 mm

All heights of cut are variable and are governed on weather and growth patterns throughout the summer.

Some of you might of noticed the fountain has been removed from the 17th pond, this is because the pump is faulty and needs to be replaced.

The Bush Nationals who donated the fountain are in the process of funding its replacement.

For the latest course news follow us on:

Facebook: @ Bush Hill Park GC Greenkeeping.

Twitter: @ Bush Hill Greenkeeping Department 

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MILLARD, MR Paul on Saturday, 05 May 2018 07:49

The course is looking great Graham. Sterling work by the lads.
Good luck on Monday.

The course is looking great Graham. Sterling work by the lads. Good luck on Monday.
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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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