Course Update

The warm weather last week combined with high moisture levels in the soil created a grass factory of growth that pushed our machinery to the limits.

Fairways, approaches and tee were cut three times to keep growth in check, whilst the rough was cut continually throughout the week.

All the cutting did create wonderful definition as the course starts to come alive after the long winter. 


Irrigation contractors have been here since Wednesday working to their snagging list. There is a number of sprinkler heads weeping with water that I have noted and these will be corrected as part of their works.

Trench line scarring will be topped up using cores which is ideal as they will grow much quicker than using seed and soil.


The greens are now cut daily at a cutting height of 3mm, this is our standard summer height. Green speed will be improved throughout the summer with regular verti-cutting and rolling.

Greens are liquid fed every ten days and do respond well to this little and often approach. Every month we also apply a growth retardant to reduce leaf growth allowing green speed to be more consistent throughout the day.


This week the tees were scarified to reduce broad leafed grasses and thatch removal. Throughout the season tees will be cut twice weekly and divoted every fortnight.

17th Pond

Clearance work was carried out this week removing the weed that chokes up the pond, which looks untidy and makes movement for the fish difficult.

This weed is very invasive and was put in without my knowledge when the pond was first dug. Although this plant does have benefits of being an oxygenator it is not suited for large ponds as it just takes over.

After the clearance we applied a blue dye to the water, this is not only for cosmetic purposes but the dye reduces photosynthesis slowing down growth of the weed. 

Clearance areas that we worked on in the winter will be over-seeded soon, turning soil to grass. Clearance work behind the 5th tee will be sown with wild grasses and flowers to give colour and interest to what was an overgrown and untidy area.

If successful other similar sites will be considered, giving the impression these once abandon areas are now being managed.

The greens department is keen for members to take an interest in the golf course and our maintenance work.

In conjunction with my weekly blog please follow us on Twitter@ Bush Hill Greenkeeping Department.

Also you can now keep up to date via Facebook@ Bush Hill Park GC Greenkeeping.

Look forward to seeing many more followers this week 

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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