Course Update

Taking advantage of the dry weather this week our priority was to get as much of the golf course cut as possible, after what has been a very wet spring.

As predicted the course is very lush and grass growth is vigorous so it is critical that all areas are kept in check to keep the course looking its best.

There are still pockets that are still not accessible but these areas will be cut as soon as conditions allow.

Definition is now returning to the course as surfaces are cut and the cosmetics improving daily with the good weather. The good growing conditions will also help the course heal after the winter play, and the irrigation installation.


The frequency of cuts per week has now been increased and height of cut lowered to 4mm. Greens have also received their first verti-cut (scarify) this week as growth becomes stronger

Verti-cutting is an important management practice on the greens to remove thatch, and reduce sward density creating faster truer surfaces.

This process is carried out every two weeks during the spring and early summer, decreasing in mid-summer as temperatures and growth slows as temperatures rise.

To help greens recover from this procedure a liquid feed was applied high in Nitrogen to encourage growth.

Unfortunately we experienced some mindless vandalism to our 8th green on Thursday night, the vandals used the butt of the flag to punch holes in the green. The green has been repaired but some scarring has remained until it grows out. In the meantime the hole will be cut away from this area to avoid any disruption to play.


I have now instructed the irrigation contractors to return to the club and start the snagging and reinstatement works. As previously reported this work was postponed whilst better weather returned and ground conditions firmed up.

I will be overseeing the works and making sure the reinstatement is to our satisfaction.

Rain Bird sent a representative to the club on Wednesday to train the greenstaff in using the system. Our irrigation system is highly advanced and is controlled by a computer that has many features that needs to be managed correctly.

One of the key features is the MI system that can remotely activate sprinkler heads out on the course by the use of our mobile phones. This will give us better control of water management and coverage.

Clearance areas that we worked on in the winter will be over-seeded soon, turning soil to grass. Clearance work behind the 5th tee will be sown with wild grasses and flowers to give colour and interest to what was an overgrown and untidy area.

If successful other similar sites will be considered, giving the impression these once abandon areas are now being managed.

The greens department is keen for members to take an interest in the golf course and our maintenance work.

In conjunction with my weekly blog please follow us on Twitter@ Bush Hill Greenkeeping Department.

Also you can now keep up to date via Facebook@ Bush Hill Park GC Greenkeeping.

Look forward to seeing many more followers this week. 

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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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