Course Update

Only thirteen days into April and rainfall is already up to 53mm, average rainfall for April is usually 43mm for the entire month.

This amount of rain has caused disruption to golf with more course closures on Monday and Tuesday.

The forecast for next week is better with temperatures peaking at a barmy 22 degrees, this will help dry the course and will create very lush growth.

Cutting any surfaces at present with ride on mowers is impossible with ground conditions so soft, this has caused many areas of the course especially the rough becoming very long in some places. These areas will be addressed as soon as it's physically possible.

Although the weather has not been good it has not stopped many tasks that benefit the course from being completed.

12th Bunker

As reported on a previous blog the 12th greenside bunker has been closed due to flooding. Investigating the cause has not resulted in any reasons why this is happening, so it was decided to install drainage to get the bunker back in play.

The drainage has been completed and the bunker made good with fresh sand.

We will continue to try to find the root cause of the flooding but in the short term the new drain should stop future problems.

16th Hole

The 16th hole this week had been given a mini makeover with new shrubs planted on the bank and the new bunker cut and filled with sand.

The bunker will be back in play tomorrow (Saturday 14th)

Money raised from the 200 club was used to purchase shrubs that will give colour to this area creating a wonderful backdrop to this hole.

My wife Dawn (keen gardener) has helped in the selection and the plant placement to give maximum impact using shrubs that will give structure, colour and interest throughout the year.

The plants will need nurturing and protection until established, so we will ring this area in a blue line meaning a compulsory free drop should your ball land in this area. 


Greens continue to be cut with the pedestrian mowers as the course is still too wet for triple mowers to get round.
Heights of cut remains at 5mm while the greens are soft. The height will be lowered gradually over the spring to our summer height of 2.8mm
The wet weather of late has caused an outbreak of Fusarium to appear on the greens. Fusarium can be common at this time of year as the wet milder temperatures can encourage its activity.
A fungicide was sprayed on Thursday to combat the disease and with good growing conditions next week any scarring should quickly grow out.


Bunkers have been edged and weeded and sand moved evenly around the bases. New bunker sand has been delivered and will be used to top up any bunkers that are in need.

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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