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Over 35mm of rain fell over the Easter bank holiday, leaving the course saturated and leaving surfaces across the whole course flooded.

The heavy rain forced us to close on Bank holiday Monday and Tuesday to enable the course to dry out, but it's a slow process. Further light showers on Tuesday night allowed only 10 holes to be open on Wednesday, thankfully the ladies cancelled their competition.

Maintenance on the course is severely affected during this time as it limits the movement of any machinery from carrying out the simplest tasks.

Cutting regimes should now be well under way but the cold wet conditions has stunted growth and slowed up the natural repair process. 

What a difference a year makes, these pictures taken April 6th last year: 


The snagging of the irrigation system was carried out last week by Victor Jamieson (Irritech) the designer and the clubs consultant during the works.

Snagging consisted mainly on the reinstatement of the ring main and heaved areas on the tees and approaches from mole ploughing.

The weather again has stalled the reinstatement work from starting as the use of a tractors in these conditions will only do further damage.

When the work does get started the raised areas on tees will be flattened using a heavy roller, and scarring from the ring main will be dressed with rootzone and grass seed sown.

Growing grass from seed in April can be difficult and a very slow process as soil temperatures are still very low from the winter.

Soil temperature above 9 degrees will enable seed to germinate within

7-14 days with the help of moisture and sunlight. Unfortunately this spring has been particularly cold and wet eliminating any germination if seed was sown now.

Rest assured this work will be carried out at the earliest opportunity and encouraged to grow as quickly as possible.


The new 16th bunker is looking great and the feedback from members and guests has been very encouraging.

The turf is establishing well and will shortly have its first cut followed by the bunker being filled with sand.

Bunker will be back in play within 2 weeks.

A bunker filling programme will be carried out this spring replenishing where needed and freshening the look of bunkers that suffer contamination.


Tees have been recently verti-drained and a granular fertiliser applied.

The fertiliser will help the tees recover from winter play and encourage growth as we progress into the summer.

Once soil temperatures rise and growth becomes stronger, the tees will be scarified followed by being over-seeded and divoted

For more information of our work and all the latest golf course developments and future course improvements, please follow us on Twitter.

You will find us @BHPgreenkeepers

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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