Course Update

 The greens are slowly getting back to some normality after the intensive aeration and sanding programme of last week.

They have been cut by hand this week to give them a light trim and roll.

Cutting of the greens will now intensify in cuts per week and height of cut reduced to 4mm as day time temperatures rise.

Work has already started on renovating the tees, work will include aeration, divoting and a granular feed being applied.

16th Bunker

The turf around the newly constructed bunker is establishing very well and will be back in play early to mid-April.

Happy to report that no damage by foxes has occurred, so we might have found our solution to other problem bunkers.

Work will soon start in planting shrubs on the bank to the rear of the green. Once established these plants will give structure and colour as a back drop to what will be an amazing looking hole.

If any member would like to donate a shrub to help fill the bank I would only be too pleased to plant it for you.

12th Hole

For a couple of weeks a wet area has appeared around the 12th greenside pot bunker to the point of us having to close the bunker through it being flooded.

The water in the base has been pumped out several times only for it to reappear the next day. Our initial thought was the newly installed irrigation was leaking, but under further investigation this theory has been ruled out.

Another possible cause could be a damaged culvert that is beneath the 12th green that is leaking which has raised the water table in this area.

To relieve the back log of water we have trenched a drainage line into the ditch to take away excess water.

As yet we are still unclear where the leak is located for any repair to be carried out, but we will continue to investigate.

It has been a particular unsettled month with snow, sub-zero temperatures and lots of rain.

As my rain data shows rainfall has more than trebled compared to the same time last year.

March 2018 = 56mm – March 2017=18mm

Total rainfall this year 162mm – 2017-121mm

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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