Course Update

The snow at the weekend was not ideal preparation for the up and coming renovation week, and starting work on Monday morning the course still had a thick covering of snow and ice.

But we persevered and by the end of the first day the greens had received their first spike using the 19mm tines to a depth of 200mm.

Day two saw over 20 tons of sand applied, it was essential the sand was dry before brushing to ensure sand particles filled the channels.

By Wednesday the greens were aerated for a second time using the smaller 10mm tines to a depth of 100mm, again this was followed by more sand and more brushing.

The final task is to apply a granular feed next week after the intensive brushing is complete.

Greens resemble deserts at present, but surfaces will soon recover and return to a more desirable colour and much truer surfaces.

The greens will not be cut this week, only rolled due to the large quantities of sand on the surface. Hand cutting greens will resume next week.

Taking advantage of the dry weather and milder temperatures we did manage to get areas of rough and selective fairways cut this week to help definition.

Many areas of the course are still too wet, but it was progress to do some mowing, and to smell the pleasant aroma of cut grass once more.

As the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise, so cutting programmes increase in frequency and cutting heights are lowered.

Heights of cut are dependent on weather and growth and are never set in stone, but adjusted regularly during the season.

Frequency and heights of cut are as follows.


Greens- Cut daily 2.8mm- 3mm.

Tees- Cut twice weekly 11mm- 13mm.

Fairways- Cut twice weekly 15mm-18mm (frequency reduced during periods of hot weather)

Semi-rough- Cut twice weekly 25mm-30mm

Rough- Cut weekly 55mm-65mm.

Aprons and Approaches- Cut twice weekly 11mm-13mm.

The greens are currently cut weekly at 5mm (winter height) using the pedestrian mowers. This mode of cutting is much kinder to the greens in the winter as the machine is lighter than a triple mower. In the next couple of weeks we will revert back to cutting with triple mowers and increasing the cuts per week, culminating in the greens being cut daily at a summer height of 2.8-3mm. 

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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