Course Update

Irrigation -

The system is now live and was fully tested last week with a full programme being carried out overnight and into the early hours of the morning.

There are still a few minor problems to iron out, but in general the system has been installed to a very high standard.

Victor Jamieson our consultant will visit the site shortly and appraise the entire installation and create a snagging list, which will include a reinstatement programme of works.

The contractors will return when ground conditions are better to apply rootzone and seed to the trench lines and any other repairs that come up in the snagging list.

As reported on a recent blog we are planning to renovate the 16th pot bunker as foxes dig holes in the face on a nightly basis contaminating the sand with clay particles and stones.

We are working in association with a company called Durabunker that use a synthetic turf to create a revetted face that foxes cannot penetrate.

Sandy Lodge have recently revamped several bunkers with this method and are very pleased with the look and the playability of the bunkers they created.

We will use this bunker as a trial as this is probably the most visited bunker by foxes and will be a stern test for the product.

If successful other bunkers are planned for renovation using the same design and construction.

We will be working alongside their site manager to learn how to use and fit their product, once shown all future works will be done in house.

Work will start on March 8th and will take just over one day to complete, whilst the works are in progress the hole will be closed for health and safety reasons.

If you would like to know more about Durabunker and see some of their works please visit their website www.durabunker.com.

Course works

Continuing with our path maintenance, work has started to clear and edge the 7th path that leads down to the tees. Area in front of the men's tees has become very wet and boggy so we intend to extend the path creating firm walking area when entering and exiting the tee.

The ladies will also have a new path to their tee but the works cannot start on this project until ground conditions improve.

The Ladies 1st tee has become very uneven so we have levelled the affected area and re-turfed creating a much more level teeing ground.

The 100m & 150m have been painted, and rotten posts replaced.

Marker posts that were concreted were replaced with posts that are retractable.

After the wet weather over the last couple of weeks the greens have been too wet to cut, so taking advantage of the drier conditions the greens were hand cut this week to a cutting height of 5mm.

February data

Rainfall 42mm (2017- 27mm)

Year to date 2018 rainfall 103mm (2017-97mm)

Course closures: 1 day - 9th Feb

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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