Course Update


Contractors were back at the club this week for possibly their last week of works prior to the snagging.

Works have concentrated on fitting nozzles and setting the arcs on the sprinkler heads on both tees and greens.

Insulation and low level heating were also fitted in the pump house to protect the pumps from freezing during periods of cold weather.

A representative from Rain Bird the manufacture of our system visited the club on Thursday to programme the computer and to train me and my staff on managing the system.

Course works

This week our works have focused on path maintenance, work included clearing, edging and even the construction of a new path on the 12th.

As reported last week the walk off area via the 12th green has become very muddy and become impassable in some areas.

We have now constructed a new path to the rear of the green to enable golfers to enter and exit the green without wading through mud.

The construction took two days to complete and really smartened up what was an untidy area.

Other selective paths that needed attention were edged and a light covering of Granite fines applied that has freshened up the look of the paths.

The movement of heavy plant over the winter has left the service road behind the 2nd green looking very muddy and the large tyre ruts has made walking through this area very difficult.

We scraped the roadway clean of mud and applied a thick layer of recycled road planning which has improved the appearance and made walking through this area much more pleasurable. 
Lady Captain's Announcements
Lady Captain's Announcements


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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