Course Update

Irrigation -

The contractors have returned this week for just one day to repair paths and roadways that were damaged during the installation.

It has been agreed to wait for the course to dry a little before they return to complete the final few tasks to avoid further damage to the course.

Some of the remaining works involve wiring in the valve boxes so it is important that it's carried out in a dry environment as currently some of the boxes are full of water.

Victor Jamieson of Irritech will then spend a day snagging the entire system before the handover is complete.

Course works

Two small Sycamores behind the 16th green have been removed this week as decay and rot were present in the base making them dangerous.

The other remaining trees were pollarded to reduce the height to prevent shading to the rear of the green, which can effect healthy growth.

The banking behind the green will soon be planted with various shrubs that will give all round colour, once mature these shrubs will give this hole a stunning backdrop.

Further works to this hole could involve a revamp to the greenside pot bunker that is in desperate need of attention.

Foxes return to this bunker on a nightly basis to dig holes in the banking, this action contaminates the sand and damages the edges.

Currently I am researching a product for revetting bunker banking's using a synthetic turf that stays green, foxes cannot penetrate and has a 20 year life span.

Sandy Lodge golf club have trialled this product to very good effect and the bunkers they have completed are looking great.

I am in the process of costing this project for the 16th bunker, if successful we could use this method on other bunkers around the course.

The walk off area on the 12th green has become very muddy and impassable during the recent wet weather.I am planning to construct a new path to the rear of the green removing a large boggy area and creating a firm cleaner area to which to exit the green.


The greens were sprayed on Thursday with a winter feed containing Potassium and Sulphate of iron. These two applications will help harden the turf from disease and improve colour.

As we progress into the spring feeding will increase with the introduction of more Nitrogen feeds that will encourage growth repairing any scarring or winter damage.

Spring Renovation is booked in for the week commencing the 19th March, programme works will be published in the coming weeks. 

Captain's Announcements
Captain's Announcements


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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