Course Update

Irrigation update

This week the last of the sprinklers heads were finally fitted on the 5th tee, drawing a close to this part of the installation.

On Wednesday the system was filled with water for the first time and flushed through removing any debris and stones in the pipework that could potentially damage and block the sprinklers. While the system was pressurised the contractors took the opportunity to set the arcs on the sprinkler heads, adjusting them to hit their intended areas.

In general the installation is complete apart from some minor work being carried out to the pump house, and some reinstatement work that can only be achieved when ground conditions are dryer.

Victor Jamieson of Irritech will soon return to the club to do the final snagging and address the programme of works for the reinstatement in the spring.

The compound at the rear of the car park will come down next week and containers removed, returning this area to a car park.

Quantity of materials used in the installation:

326 sprinklers heads

12,500 metres of pipe (7.7 miles)

10.500 metres of cable (6.5miles)

Another wet week so movement around the course has been limited, but we have managed to complete another clearance project to the barbeque garden and area adjacent to the 2nd fairway.

This location was choked with brambles and had a large build-up of leaves that gave this area an untidy appearance.

We removed the scrub to ground level ready for seed to be sown in the spring, eventually turning this area back to grass.

Course maintenance

Greens and tees were both hand cut this week giving surfaces a light cut and roll. Fungicide application was sprayed on the greens combating an outbreak of Fusarium that has appeared recently on several greens.

Tee banking's were all hand cut and attention given to edge and clean the yardage plates.

Tee markers have all been painted and stained and are now back on the tees looking cleaner and smarter.

Bunker maintenance this winter has concentrated on keeping the edges defined especially on the backs where sand can spill over the edge and contaminate the grass.

Our work is having some effect with the edges looking much sharper, but I do encourage members to help our efforts by pushing the sand forward avoiding a build-up of sand at the back.

Topping up the bunkers that need more sand will be carried out this spring, once the course is dry enough for our tractor and trailer to carry out the work.

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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