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We are now drawing close to the completion of what has been a very successful installation by Irrigation and water with only minor disruption to play and minimal damage to the course. All the pipe work has now been installed leaving only the installation of the sprinkler heads and valve boxes on the last remaining greens and tees.

Remaining tasks

5th tee -Valve box to install

17th tee – Sprinkler heads to install

18th green and tees - Valve boxes to install

Practice ground – Valve box to install

Setting of the arc on the sprinklers

Once completed Victor Jamieson of Irritech will inspect the installation and snag anything that needs to be addressed.

Finishing date has not been confirmed but they are confident to be finished and off site by the middle of February at the latest.

Reinstatement of the trench lines that have sunk will be addressed in the spring when Ashley's team will return to top dress and seed these areas.

This week with the course has been saturated so we have concentrated our efforts on more clearance projects with the 15th,16th and 17th holes being worked on.

Work included the clearance of the dell in front of the 15th tee, bramble removal behind the 16th green and scrub clearance in front of the 17th tee.

All these areas now look better and allow golfers to find their balls much easier, thus speeding up play.

Last weekend we had some terrible vandalism to four of our greens when deep holes were dug with a spade removing the hole cups on the 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th greens. We have tried to repair the damage as best we can but with little or no growth at present these areas will not fully heal until the spring.

No other incidents have occurred since Saturday but I am continuing check the course in the evenings in case they return.

Police were informed.

Data for January

Rain fall: 57 mm (2017- 70mm)

Course closures: 1 day - 4th January (2017- 0 days)

Average day time temperature: 6 degrees(2017- 5 degrees)

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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