Course Update

It has been a busy week on the course taking advantage of the dry weather to get some important tasks underway.

Monday we sprayed the greens with a winter feed containing Potassium, Calcium and Iron, all three nutrients will help with the greens overall condition and improve colour.

Drainage lines on the 12th green were top dressed again to help restore the surfaces after the drainage works in October. This work will continue until all the imperfections are smoothed out.

We also started on our first clearance project which was to clear scrub, bramble and dead trees from the verge adjacent the 6th fairway.

This area has looked scruffy for too long and makes it near impossible to find balls, thus slowing up play.

I must stress no mature trees were removed only undesirable growth that was choking the more mature and native trees from flourishing.

We used the clubs mini digger to scrape all the decaying matter that has built up over the years revealing many hundreds of golf balls on the woodland floor. Members playing on these days took full advantage of the opportunity and filled their bags full with the rich pickings on offer.

Come the spring the full benefit of our work will be seen as the remaining trees can grow and flourish without being inhibited by scrub.

General Maintenance

Tees, greens and selective fairways were all given a cut this week that has helped clean up the surfaces and remove unsightly worm casts, especially on tees and fairways.

Irrigation update

The good ground conditions this week has helped the contractors make very good progress with several greens and tees being completed.

Overall progress is as follows, this week's work highlighted in red.

1st Hole completed

2nd Hole completed.

3rd Green completed. Pipework installed on tee.

4th Hole completed

5th Green completed. Pipework installed on tee.

6th Green completed. Pipework installed on tees.

7th Hole completed

8th Hole completed

9th Hole completed

10th Hole completed

11th Hole completed

12th Tee completed. Green completed.

13thNot started

14th Pipework installed on tee.

15th Green completed.

16th Green completed. Pipework installed on tee.

17th Pipe installed on tee.

18th Not started

Putting green Completed

Captain's Announcements
Captain's Announcements


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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