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Hello fellow members,

Whilst our esteemed Captain is escorting his good wife around the Caribbean, he has tasked me with compiling your Captain's blog. A task that I'm not necessarily up to yet but I'm more than happy to give a go.

The weather has not been too kind for golf recently but I can report on a couple of events that I am aware of and apologies if I have missed yours. Firstly, the Winter League continued last Saturday with 20 entrants in Division 1 and also 20 entrants in Division. A further 2 entrants in Division 1 played on Sunday. You may have seen the full published results but I think we should congratulate Andrew Garrad for posting a great winning score of 39 in Division 1 and Sandro Cioffi for winning Division 2 with a very creditable 38 points. On Sunday Tim Corrick also recorded a super 38 points in Division 1. All three players mentioned plus Jack Allen who posted 38 points to be runner up in Division 1 on Saturday, were all rewarded with handicap reductions, well done gentlemen. In the aggregate league positions, we find the top three spots held by Graham Dickens, Andrew Morris and Neil Hurst respectively. However, it's all extremely close, except for me, I'm in last place. Oh well, at least there are plenty more rounds to go.

Around 20 ladies braved the elements on Wednesday to play in a new format which I believe they had invented. I understand that it was all good clean, muddy fun but in reality, I suspect that most of them turned up to celebrate Lucy Bidmead's birthday and share in the cakes in the hut. Well, why not, its only polite. I hear that the celebrations went smoothly and I would like to wish Lucy belated birthday greetings and to remind her that she promised to play with me later this year, just consider it as care in the community.

On Sunday we held our first 4 Ball Draw of this calendar year. Again, it was not great weather at the beginning of the round but later the sun came out and it was all pretty good fun. We only managed a total of 12 members but considering the weather and time of year, I guess that was not too bad. We all played in 3 ball format and we were graced with the presence of Danny Hill, our pro. Danny played with the first 3 ball, off the first tee. If you read our Captain's blog last week you will have noticed his warning to those anyone who may be drawn out to play with me. Well I think our team did very well indeed. I advised the others to follow David's advice and not look directly at my swing and largely that's what happened. I am therefore delighted to say that our team came second and Andy only has one more appointment with the psychologist. With luck our other playing partner should be up on his feet in a week or so. Danny was fine and claims to have seen it all before anyway but I have the feeling he had taken David's advice quite literally. The better news is that Danny will be turning up for all of our 4 Ball Draws so I would suggest you try and turn up and see how it should be done.

Our Rabbits Captain, Mark Stevens has barely drawn breath recently but he still managed to arrange another Rabbits Eclectic just after New Year. Mark will be continuing this event for a while, so even if you are not yet a Rabbit he would be delighted to see you and explain how the Rabbits section works and get you involved. Unfortunately for these events you need to be a male, do they have Rabbits for ladies?

So, Christmas and New Year have finally ebbed away and dry January limps on. Even so there is plenty of entertainment planned for you at the club over the next few weeks. The perennial fish and chip night is available but probably fully booked, Burns Night is coming soon but that's also fully booked also but I wouldn't worry about that, have a quiet word with Debbie, she will sort you out.

That's probably enough rambling from me but do try and get up to the club when you can, perhaps have a putt and a coffee and check out what else is planned over the next coming weeks as the afternoons and evenings lighten. I won't leave you with a question, I will leave that to our brainy Captain but I will just say did you notice that one of the teams in this year's Apprentice was called Graphene? Spooky or just copy cats?

See you around,


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Sunday, 27 September 2020

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