Course Update

Strong winds last weekend took out another large bough, this time on one of the Willow trees behind the 6th green. Willow trees can be prone to loosing limbs in strong winds as they become top heavy when they mature.

Unfortunately the break has left a gaping hole when viewed from the green, but in time the Willow will regenerate and plug the gap.

12th Green Drainage

Drainage works are now complete and future works will concentrate on returning the green back to a playable condition.

Work will consist of regular top dressings and rolling to restore surfaces.

Great effort has been made to compact the rootzone using such tools as a compactor, but we always experience some subsidence which will be top dressed level over time.

No time frame will be put on the greens return to play as recovery is very much weather dependent.


This week the contractors have started mole ploughing the 63mm pipe work, this work should take seven days to complete.

As I explained in my previous report mole ploughing pulls the pipework through the soil which is much quicker and leaves very little surface disruption.

On Friday Victor Jamieson (designer) will return to the site and continue to mark out the position of the irrigation heads.


Due to slow growth and softer greens height of cut has been raised to 4mm to reduce stress and avoid scalping.

Although preventative fungicides have been applied Fusarium has attacked several greens this week. The mild damp conditions that we are experiencing at present is a contributing factor on why this disease is flourishing.

A fungicide was sprayed on Thursday to combat the latest outbreak. 

At present we are cutting the greens daily but this will be reduced slowly over the coming weeks until pedestrian mowers take over this task.

Graham Careford

Course Update
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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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