Course Update

Last Sunday afternoon two very large limbs broke off the beautiful Horse Chestnut tree on the 9th hole. The limbs fell during the day with no obvious reasons why, but thankfully no one was hurt when they fell.

The greenstaff got to work first thing Monday morning and had the limbs cut up and removed from site within a few hours.

I have reviewed the tree survey report which did not highlight any problems with this tree, so we concluded its probably just natural shedding.


On Wednesday Victor Jamieson the irrigation designer was on site marking out the positioning of the sprinklers with small flags. This is in preparation of the next phase after the ring main has been installed.

Work this week has continued in the removal of spoil from the trench lines and making good the areas.

12th green drainage

Work started on Tuesday and is progressing very well with over half the green now completed.

Drainage lines are trenched to a depth of 500mm followed by shingle then finished with a high sand content rootzone.

This work does require all the greenstaff and a number of machines that would otherwise be used on the course, so general course maintenance will be limited until works are complete.

Remaining drainage work will be finished next week, then we can catch up on collecting the many leaves that have fallen and general course duties.

The green will not be in play for several weeks during which time the drainage lines will be regularly top dressed and rolled to restore levels.

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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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