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Levelling of the 1st medal tee is now complete taking just over one day to complete. The tee will now be regularly top dressed and watered to help the turf establish so we can get it back into play as soon as possible.

Removing the turf 

Once levelled the turf is laid

Job completed

This time of year disease is rife due to drop in night time temperatures and the cold dewy mornings. This week a fungicide was applied to the greens as Fusarium was identified on several greens that had crept in over the weekend.

Fusarium is a common disease and left unchecked can quickly spread leaving scarring on the surface for the duration of the winter.

Our pro-active approach is to apply a monthly systemic fungicide to the greens and collars. Systemic fungicides are quickly absorbed into the plant protecting the grass from further attacks. Once we reach Christmas the threat level reduces as frosty mornings are more frequent which helps kill active spores.

Poplars along the 6th, 7th and 12th are starting to drop their leaves and have been as far back as July. These trees are a drain on our resources as clearing of the leaves takes many hours per week for the duration of several months.

Apologies to any members who struggle find their balls in this area, we are doing our best to keep on top of it.

Next Tuesday contractors installing the irrigation system and myself will be marking out the course to identify where the ring main will be located.

This is in preparation for the start of the installation on the 2nd October.

During the works I will be posting regular reports via the website for members to view progress and notify the next stage of works.

We have now been sent a Project plan works from "Irrigation and water" which I will post on the notice boards in the clubhouse
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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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