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Captains' Announcements

Captains Blog stardate 1527.2(12 October 2018)

Good morning All,

I just love salutations, don't you? Unfortunately, assuming that someone is actually reading this, it could of course be any time of day or night. Anyway, since I have been correctly accused of employing twenty words when just one will do, I am going to try to keep the blogs short and will use the revolutionary bullet system to help me.

Firstly though, I would like to congratulate our Ladies Captain, Christine on her epic but controlled drive in. Whereas it took me three attempts to get one ball in a measurable location, Christine succeeded on her first attempt, brilliant. With both captains now back in harness, a feeling of secure serenity has enveloped the club, which is nice, or is that just my imagination. 

Before moving on to bullet points, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration to our Vice Captain, Graham Evans. Due in most part to his superhuman efforts and of course your unfailing generosity, over £540 was raised by you for MacMillan Cancer Support. I will be coming back to the charity in later blogs but this was exceptional work and I really would not want to try to follow Graham's work next year.

Now the bullet points;

  • Please do attempt to retrieve balls from the silt, several golfers have already been swallowed up. This area is GUR and since a ball cannot be lost in GUR please just take a drop.
  • Winter knockouts are open, closing this Sunday so sign up in the George Low or Pro shop.
  • Christmas events are booking up fast, some already on waiting lists so please see Debbie asap.
  • Join International Gin & Tonic day at your club on Friday 19 October, more details available.
  • Funeral of John Turner at 11.00am on Friday 19 October at New Southgate Crematorium.

There will be plenty more info coming from myself, Christine, our President and the club in the coming weeks so please try to catch up with some of it and also please contact any of the team to answer questions and to put forward any ideas that you have on any aspects of club life.

Best wishes

Ray Ripsher 

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Guest - Sé Banim on Saturday, 13 October 2018 13:29

Great drive Ray
Keep it up

Great drive Ray Keep it up Sé
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