Penultimate Blog Anxiety

One more blog after this one, the AGM and I'm toast. After the AGM I could either be perfectly toasted on both sides or burnt to a crisp, I guess we will find out which one soon enough. One last point on the AGM, if you have questions which you wish to raise, please try to give prior notice if you can, since it enables properly researched and informed answers to be given. Alternatively, just speak to me, Billie, Martyn, any other committee member or Stewart, we may be able to provide the information which will help you.

And so it came to pass, that the final Captain Pro Challenge of my captaincy took place on Wednesday of this week. Who provided this ultimate pleasure, none other than Mark "Greens" Watts and Paul "Odd Shoe" Millard, two consummate and committed club members. Last year, these two combined to thump the Captain and Pro and I can reveal that Danny was not relishing similar treatment this year. There was a definite frisson of electricity in the air on the first tee as the challenges teed off. The first has been a nemesis for us this year, a combination of Danny often giving shots on a par three and my slight lack of accuracy and consistency. So, it was a great surprise for us to walk off the first green one up, what was going on? Onwards to the second tee, nothing special in any of the drives but remarkably my second, a towering 5 iron approach shot, found the green and I sank the subsequent putt. Two up, with minor resistance from the challengers, what indeed was going on, well, I think I worked it out. We held on at two up for quite a while, slipped back to all square, went one down but finally finished up winning two and one. Yes, I had worked it out all right. These two gentlemen played what looked like a reasonably normal game but they actually executed a game plan to perfection. They made it appear as if all was normal, whereas the plan from the outset was to allow Danny and I to win our final game but without it being noticed. They did it so well that it was not until much later that the truth sunk in. So, gentlemen, thank you for providing an exciting game, which really felt like it could go either way but one in which the result was predetermined, by you. Thank you, a marvellous gesture, gratefully accepted.

My mild anxiety is not limited to the blog, it is much deeper rooted than that. When I become The Immediate Past Captain, better known as The Has Been, will I still have my personal booking fag, Steve Ames, will I miss no longer being addressed by the entire world club, as Captain, will I survive not being served first in the window seat of the dining room? The answer is of course yes, to all of the above. Will I miss these privileges, damn right I will but I am delighted to recognise that these will all continue form our incoming Captain, Graham "Big G" Evans but more on that another time.

The concept and inception of the Captain's Blog was the "brainchild" of a previous Captain, who is no longer with us. No, he's not dead, he just left us for another club but as they say, that's another story. It was introduced primarily to replace the Captain's announcements which used to be delivered with solemn reverence on a Sunday lunchtime in the main bar, once all of the male members had changed into jacket and tie and the female members patiently awaited their time to join them. Things have changed and will continue to change but of course, only for good reason but the blog will continue. It may be shorter in future or maybe not we shall find out but I am looking forward to reading what Big G will have to say. I wonder if he will want a ghost writer, no you are right, definitely not.

Finally, it's happened again that we mention our great friend and golfer, the Boy from Batley. I haven't spoken with him but I understand that he was involved in a car crash recently but was fortunately unhurt. However, his wallet was severely damaged, having to fork out for a new Merc to replace his old 3 litre mobile skip. Glad all is well Martin, don't worry, the wallet will recover.

Well, following a very gentle, low key blog this week, lets ease into some bullet points;

  • Men, play this Saturday in the Race to Mauritius, with a chance to win a holiday to Mauritius.
  • Club and Company AGM 28 September – review the available literature (available in the Club V1 Hub) and ask questions in advance if possible and try to attend if you can please.
  • Sunday 29 September Captains Driver - Play in the competition and then watch him Drive In, followed up with a damn good lunch – book your place soon, this will be a sell out.
  • Look out for the VC Elect, he wants your money but all in a good cause, the Captain's Drive In Charity.
  • Mixed Pilates classes are now available at the club on Thursday mornings, see the web site for more details.

See all very soon,




Proof Read by T.B.F. Batley ™