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Captain's Blog - Week Ending 09/03/18

Captain's Blog – Week ending 09/03/18

Well, it was a much nicer weekend and there was even a touch of spring in the air. Can you believe it though, Carol has forecast snow again for this weekend!

You'll be pleased to hear that your Captain scored 41 points on Saturday, and you'll be even more pleased to learn that he didn't go in the competition!

The Winter League is getting exciting so let's begin there.


The better weather at the weekend was certainly reflected in some of the scores. In division 2 Mark Duncan scored 44 points and Sandro Cioffi scored 43, bringing him into contention overall. Ethan Cameron scored 42 points and Gary Flanagan scored 41 points in division 1 lifting both of them into contention. Excellent scoring.

We now have just one week to go and I have done some extensive calculations and can now reveal those with a realistic chance of winning the league. There are 12 people and I list them below in the order they would finish if no-one improves on Saturday:

227 Andy Morris (Better 8th card)

227 James Chard 

226 Graham Dickens (Better 8th card)

226 Andrew Garrad

221Kevin Lewis

220 Ethan Cameron (Better 8th card)

220 Neil Hurst (Better 7th card)

220 Sandro Cioffi

219 Mark Watts

218 Oz Hassan

217 Gary Flanagan (Better 7th card)

217 Mike Stainton

For the lead I have had to go back to the 8th card to discover that Andy Morris would win. I accept no responsibility for any mistakes I may have made in these calculations! My mathematics is a little rusty these days! Of course there are others who have chances of a place so don't abandon all hope. I think I'm more excited than the competitors!

The winter knock-outs have now reached the final stage. James Chard and Gary Flanagan meet Nigel Bidmead and James Craggs in the Edgar Collar. Martyn Lainchbury and Jon Hayes meet Varney Christofi and Graham Evans in the Greensome Goblets.

And don't forget, entries for the summer knock-outs are now open. Enter via the hub or the PSI machines in the pro shop or the George Low bar.


The Rangers (alias 'Vets') have a pre-season 'warm up' with a stableford on Monday 19th March. Other fixtures can be found on the website. You only need to look over 55.


Congratulations to John White who won the Bucks Plate last week with 45 points.

Incidentally, the first Rabbits Match is against Enfield on 3rd April. Sign up on the Rabbits board in the men's changing room.

Bunker on 16th

I reported last week the great job that the green staff had made on the bunker on the 16th. They have roped the area off until it is ready to bring back into play and Graham is concerned about people walking into the bunker and on the new turfs outside. I know you may have to retrieve your ball put please be careful. We have deemed the posts to be IMMOVABLE obstructions so you must drop your ball if said posts interfere with your stance or swing. Do not move the posts please.

Incidentally, The temporary local rules and any GUR can be found on the home page of the website in the blue box at the top right of the screen.

Annual Dinner

For those of you coming to the annual dinner on Saturday, please note that it is 6.30 for 7.00 p.m. and is a black tie event. I've made that mistake before.

Upcoming Events

30th March. Fish and chip night.

7th April. Seafood Extravaganza.

20th April. St George's Night. Competition during the day and evening meal and entertainment.

27th April. Friday Night Live.

7th May. Charity Day.

Finally, you have until this Sunday, the 18th, to get your subs at last year's prices. After that you will pay an extra 2%. You've been warned.

Speak next week.


Annual Dinner 2018
Course Update - 16/03/18


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