Evening all,

Another trying day at the coalface starting with the Captain and Pro challenge. This was against big hitting Ray Ripsher and Iain 'steady Eddie' Lanario. Danny has already divulged the result so I won't bore you with the score. It appears that I have acquired a new nickname - not Big G, as I was last year, but Steinway as Danny was struggling so hard to keep us in the competition he thought he was carrying a grand piano on his back. Next week's challenge is against Varney and John Guiney, should be interesting!
Last Saturday I sold a large number of raffle tickets for the Ladies Christmas Fayre and was pleased with the generosity of the male members in the clubhouse, thank you.

We've had a couple of frosty starts so far this week but by about 9.00 am it all seems to thaw out and doesn't affect the golf too much.

Our printed diary is coming along nicely, the cost being borne by the advertising, but we may need permission from the members to include their names and phone numbers in a directory towards the back because of Data Protection. An email will be sent out from the office to this effect.

We have the results from Beaujolais Day!!
The winners with 82 points were: Richard Blyth, Kieran Costello, Graham Corr and Denis O'Shea. Ladies' Nearest the Pin Tracey Ripsher and Men's Nearest the Pin Kieran Costello. Congratulations!

Weather looks good for the weekend.

Enjoy your golf and score well!