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Tempus Fugit

Whilst lying in bed half asleep last night, the perfect, ultimate blog formulated in the mist of my mind. Unfortunately, by morning this masterpiece has evaporated and was forever lost, meaning I need to start again and try to produce something sensible to sign off with, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Recently, Tracey won a prize which was a copy of "Golf's Funniest Jokes" by Jim Chumley. In all honesty, the OED provides a better laugh, whilst continually managing to change the point, which actually I quite like. Anyway, here is one of the jokes in the book;

"Knock, knock,"

"Who's there?"


"Tiger who?"

"Ah, the fickleness of fame."

So, fame and time and tide wait for no man. Which got me thinking about time. I think it's interesting that measure and define time in absolute units but the passing of time for us mere mortals appears totally relative and nowhere near absolute. A certain Mr Einstein knew a fair bit about relativity, both General and Special but I am limiting this idea to simply how time seems to vary under different circumstances. Try holding your breath for 30 seconds to find out how long this feels compared to say, playing golf where 30 seconds might complete your practice swings and seem no time at all. Sure, not great examples but I'm sure you know what I mean. Regular time for us is quantified in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and lifetimes but they can really get mixed up, particularly as we get older.

I have been Captain for virtually a whole year, which is a fact and yet it really feels like it all started just a couple of months ago. From the time of my 3 attempts at the drive in, until now, it really cannot be a year, can it? The answer is of course yes it can because it is factually correct but it doesn't change the fact for me that it has gone by in a flash.

Conversely, this is where the relative bit works both ways because I remember wearing a red outfit and white beard around Christmas time but that now seems like forever ago. Time is measured absolutely but feels abstract due to relativity. If you do get into Mr Einstein's theories you will find out or probably already know, that time isn't really absolute and slows down as we travel more quickly through spacetime but that really is another story.

You are now wondering, is there any relevance to perceived time duration and the Captain's Blog? Possibly not, but a quick retrospect of the year rekindles many events and memories that now seem to be light years away to me or maybe have been with us for ever.

Can it only be back in January when we closed the old bar and 4 weeks later revealed the wonderful space which we now take for granted. Similarly, was that really the time when we took our catering in-house, surely Simon and Roy have always worked together? When did 40 of us go to Goodwood for our Captain's way day, I don't think that can have been this year, can it? Strangely though, some of the committee meetings we have endured during the year have felt surprisingly longer than they actually were but maybe we were always looking forward to congregating in the bar afterwards, who knows?

During my year there has always been things to do, in fact very much more than I could accomplish and for that I hope that you will forgive me. I tried my best to always do the best for the club. Some things worked out, others didn't but I have maintained the mantra that the club comes first.

So, in the dying embers of my Captaincy, I must thank all who have helped me try to achieve our objectives and drive our great club on and when I say all, I mean all. Our great staff, all of our brilliant and loyal members including of course all who have served on committees, my family, sponsors, suppliers, bankers etc. etc. and last but by no means least in order of importance, my incomparable, generous and loving wife Tracey who has supported me throughout this very short year for me but which was possibly a lifetime for you. Well that's how relativity works I guess.

On Saturday evening Graham Evans, aka Big G, will take over as our Captain, to be ably supported by his VC Iain Lanario. I have no need to ask you all to support them as you did me, that goes without saying. I will also do everything that I can to assist them both, to help them enjoy their time in the sun as I did and to see the club flourish and grow stronger under their guidance.

This week, there will be no bullet points. Next week Big G will put pen to paper and I look forward to following his every word.

Nothing now remains but to thank you all once more for allowing me the honour and privilege of being your Captain.

Best Wishes,


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Friday, 27 November 2020

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