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Farewell to Summer, really?

Seems like the demise of Summer as prescribed last week was a tad premature, which is of course brilliant news. The mercury has risen and should peak nicely at around 23°C over the weekend. With the relative humidity projected at around 75%, the 'feels like' temperature will definitely produce a warm sensation, accompanied with a slightly clammy side. However, overall not to be sniffed at.

Many of the men's and women's teams will approaching the final months of their matches and it looks very possible that they will go out on a high, both metaphorical and actual. All of our teams have performed extremely well this year, a full resumé will be produced in due course but it certainly is a great base to build on for next year, which will be important because it will be the 125th Anniversary of our great club.

There is a newish description in journalism which has been adopted to describe the weeks when Premier League football is suspended in favour of international fixtures. This has been coined by some as the "Interlull". I must admit that I feel like I am also rapidly approaching my own personal interlull, although not of a footballing nature. We have around 2 weeks until our AGM, which therefore equates to about 2 remaining weeks of my captaincy, which for some members may be 2 weeks too long. For me, it's time to begin my retrospect and bask in a golden hue of perceived achievement. The reality may not make such good reading but we can look forward to the fresh, new start, under our Captain Elect, the Big G.

So, the promise of great, late season golfing, extending to October at least will enable our incoming captain enjoy some play before the party season descend upon him. The format of each year is reasonably well prescribed but the detail and embellishment is certainly flavoured by the captain herself himself. Without wishing to give any games away, I shall be strongly recommending to Big G that he checks out the big red fat suit and white beard, which was a highlight for me in the early days of captaincy. In fact, if he is unavailable, I shall be first in the queue of substitutes.

Whilst almost on the subject of stuff you get to do as captain, I can guarantee that Big G will continue with the Captain Pro Challenges, which will be great fun, develop interesting relationships and provide endless blog fodder should he feel so inclined. Actually, that's a bit unfair, our CapPro challenges have been brilliant and I feel indebted to every single member who gave it a go this year. My enjoyment was matched only by the idea that we are continuously developing our club culture and in a good way. Add to this the irrepressible and buoyant good nature of Danny, coupled with a good degree of his golfing skill, which never fails to impress, is going to provide Big G with plenty of fun and a bookfull of memories.

I hope that all of us read the brilliantly informative messages, delivered by our head greenkeeper Graham Careford. If so, you will be ahead of the game in terms of course development proposals, together with advance warning of hollow timing and all that good stuff. You will then have noticed that Graham has some proposals to improve the playing and ambience of our first hole. In my view, this concept is extremely important. The first close up impressions of our course will be formed on the walk to the first tee, which can be equally as important as that fantastic shot on the last hole. This psychological imprint is not and must not, be restricted to our visitors. Striding to the first tee, looking forward to a brand new round is a super feeling which we should physically enhance with the beauty of the tee and its environs. You may or may not agree with how this is proposed to be achieved, maybe laurel bushes are not perfect but I am pretty sure you agree with the sentiment. Maybe you would like to talk about how this would work best for you, if so please make yourself know and this can be arranged.

Before leaving the subject of our course behind me, I must share one pet hate and with you, if I haven't already, the dire lack of waste bins. There have been plenty of reasons put forward to explain this lack of

fundamental facilities, none of which strike a chord with me. The onset of our 125th Anniversary really makes me think that we must improve on this aspect of our course. Yes, an on course toilet facility and perhaps also a real halfway house would be a great addition which I hope we continue to pursue but surely we should really strive to provide the fundamentals, in this case waste bins and ball cleaners, what do think?

Right, time to draw breathe and contemplate some bullet points:

· Club night last Friday did include a live new star turn, the sensational Maddie, with the great news that she has been persuaded to return, look out for details.

· President's Day Saturday 14 September – Play golf, eat dinner, have fun.

· No reports yet regarding last week's Captain Pro challenge, can someone fill me in please?

· Mixed Pilates classes are now available at the club on Thursday mornings, see the web site for more details, I wish I could get time to join in.

· The Autumn Kruger Sovereign will be held on Thursday 19 September, enter and try to win a sovereign.

· Club and Company AGM 28 September – please review the available literature and ask questions in advance if possible.

· Sunday 29 September Captains Drive In - Play in the competition, watch him Drive In and follow up with a damn good lunch – book your place soon, this will be a sell out.

· Apologies for missing out more important stuff, I'm on holiday and not really fully focused.

See  you very soon,




Proof Read by Michelle Poisson™

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Captain's Announcements


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Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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